Who Called Your NFL Team’s Games the Most in 2013?

We did this research last year, and we thought we would do it again to end the 2013 NFL season.

We examined the network play-by-play pairings for each regular season game in the league this year and noted which announcer called which teams’ games.  As in years past patterns emerge, generally the better teams in each conference have their games called by the higher-ranked broadcasters on each network.

The list you are about to see for each team pairs it ONLY with the play-by-play voice calling the game.  There are instances where play-by-play men work with different analysts (i.e. Thomm Brennaman filling-in for Joe Buck during the baseball playoffs with Troy Aikman) so instead of listing the results based on broadcast teams, we will link them only with the play-by-play announcer.

Here is each NFL team, along with the announcer who called their games the most, with the number of games in parentheses:

Arizona Cardinals- Dick Stockton & Sam Rosen (3 each)
Atlanta Falcons – Kevin Burkhardt (4)
Baltimore Ravens – Jim Nantz & Greg Gumbel (3 each)
Buffalo Bills – Greg Gumber & Ian Eagle (3 each)
Carolina Panthers- Chris Myers (4)
Chicago Bears- Thomm Brennaman (4)
Cincinnati Bengals- Greg Gumbel & Marv Albert (3 each)
Cleveland Browns- Kevin Harlan (6)
Dallas Cowboys- Al Michaels (4)
Denver Broncos- Jim Nantz (5)
Detroit Lions- Thomm Brennaman (4)
Green Bay Packers- Joe Buck (7)
Houston Texans- Kevin Harlan (4)
Indianapolis Colts- Al Michaels, Greg Gumbel, Kevin Harlan, Ian Eagle, & Bill Macatee (2 each)
Jacksonville Jaguars- Bill Macatee (5)
Kansas City Chiefs- Jim Nantz (3)
Miami Dolphins- Mike Tirico, Jim Nantz, Greg Gumbel, Marv Albert, Ian Eagle, & Chris Myers (2 each)
Minnesota Vikings- Thomm Brennaman (3)
New England Patriots- Jim Nantz & Greg Gumbel (4 each)
New Orleans Saints- Joe Buck (3)
New York Giants- Kenny Albert (4)
New York Jets- Greg Gumbel (5)
Oakland Raiders- Marv Albert (4)
Philadelphia Eagles- Kenny Albert (3)
Pittsburgh Steelers- Al Michaels, Jim Nantz & Ian Eagle (3 each)
San Diego Chargers- Ian Eagle (4)
San Francisco 49ers- Joe Buck (3)
Seattle Seahawks- Chris Myers (5)
St. Louis Rams- Chris Myers (4)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Kevin Burkhardt (4)
Tennessee Titans- Greg Gumbel, Kevin Harlan, Marv Albert, Ian Eagle, Steve Tasker & Andrew Catalon (2 each)
Washington Redskins- Dick Stockton (3)

Now let’s look at each broadcaster and which team he covered the most this season.  Brad Nessler of the NFL Network once again wins the award for most diverse announcer, having called games featuring different teams for each of the network’s 13 games.  So, in effect, Nessler called one game for 26 teams this year.  Here is the rest of the list, sorted by network:

NBC Sports

Al Michaels- Denver Broncos (4)


Mike Tirico- Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers & Seattle Seahawks (2 each)
Chris Berman- Houston Texans & San Diego Chargers (1 each)

CBS Sports

Jim Nantz- Denver Broncos (5)
Greg Gumbel- NY Jets (5)
Kevin Harlan- Cleveland Browns (6)
Marv Albert- NY Jets, Cleveland Browns, & Oakland Raiders (4 each)
Ian Eagle- San Diego Chargers (4)
Spero Dedes- Jacksonville Jaguars (3)
Bill Macatee- Jacksonville Jaguars (5)
Andrew Catalon- Tennessee Titans & Jacksonville Jaguars (2 each)

Fox Sports

Joe Buck- Green Bay Packers (7)
Kenny Albert- NY Giants (4)
Dick Stockton- Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals & St. Louis Rams (3 each)
Chris Myers- Seattle Seahawks
Kevin Burkhardt- Atlanta Falcons & Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4 each)
Thomm Brennaman- Detroit Lions & Chicago Bears (4 each)
Sam Rosen- Arizona Cardinals (3)
Gus Johnson- Detroit Lions & Minnesota Vikings (1 each)
Justin Kutcher- Tennessee Titans & Arizona Cardinals (1 each)
Tom McCarthy- Cleveland Browns & Detroit Lions (1 each)

Have a Happy New Year!


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