Questioning Priorities…Again

As a journalist and editor of SMJ I respect the right media organizations have in making decisions over which content will be published or broadcast.  It doesn’t I can’t question those editorial decisions.

Case in point, what viewers of the New England Sports Network (NESN) will be facing tonight.

NESN has the television rights for both the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins.  They have been ahead of the curve in providing HD coverage of both teams (home and away) for a couple of years now.  When both teams are playing on the same night, one gets the HD coverage on NESN while the other gets telecast on a regional sports channel (not in HD) called NESNPlus.  It’s not the best of situations but one which should satisfy fans of both teams.

This scenario has come up twice over the past week as the Bruins battled the Canadiens in the NHL Playoffs and the Red Sox began its 2008 regular season. In those two instances NESN made the correct choice in deciding which game would be showcased on the HD mother-ship while the other was sent to NESNPlus.  The Bruins playoff game received the priority both times.

But for some reason NESN has changed its tune for tonight’s conflict.  NESN will be showing tonight’s Sox/Yankees game in HD on NESN while relegating the Bruins/Canadiens Game 5 (with elimination on the line for the B’s) to NESNPlus.  How can NESN justify this move? 

We all understand that New England is Red Sox Nation and this is Yankees/Red Sox.  But the Bruins are in the PLAYOFFS, in a game they must win or go home.  The Sox and Yankees will still play 13 more games this season. 

This makes no editorial sense to me.  Oh wait…I forgot it’s not about what’s the bigger story…it’s about money.  More eyes for Red Sox/Yankess than Bruins/Canadiens.  How silly of me. 

NESN has the right to make the switch.  However it doesn’t make it right.