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Game Preview- Harvard/Yale Football

The biggest game between two teams that are undefeated in their conference takes place Saturday…and few people nationally care.  But we do here at Sports Media Journal.  Its The Game…Harvard vs. Yale.  The Bulldogs (9-0, 6-0 Ivy League) will be hosting the Crimson (7-2, 6-0 Ivy League) at the Yale Bowl in New Haven.

This will be the second time both teams enter the game this late in the season with undefeated conference records.  The other time was in 1968, when “Harvard Beat Yale 29-29” (That’s not a typo…follow the link)

The best way to get ready for the action is through the local media covering the game…


The visiting Crimson hail from Cambridge and, like the other colleges around Boston, get short-changed in the mainstream media.  If you want, you can check the Boston Globe or Boston Herald to see if they are covering the game.

Detailed newspaper coverage can be found at the Harvard Crimson.  Along with daily coverage of the team, the paper also has a sports blog.

You can also get more news online at the university’s athletic website.

Boston hosts sports radio powerhouse WEEI, but don’t expect any Crimson talk there.  Harvard’s own WHRB broadcasts the game.  Whether they have any other informaton before hand, we’re not sure.


The Bulldogs are located in New Haven, so there is a better chance the sports media is paying a little more attention to the game.  The Yale Daily News has the game covered on campus while the New Haven Register also has it’s reporters on the case.

Elsewhere on the web, there are a few blogs dedicated to Yale Athletics.  For God, For Country, and For Yale is one.  Portal 31 is another.  As with the Crimson, the Bulldogs have it covered on their athletic website.

New Haven is close enough to metro New York to fall within the coverage of WFAN.  Again, don’t expect Mike and the Mad Dog to take to talking about the Bulldogs.  Yale’s WYBC may or may not talk about the game before Saturday.

There you have it.  Enjoy the game.  Tell Biff and Muffy we say hi.