Fall Sports Radio Ratings, Part 1

The new year brings with it the release of the Fall 2007 Arbitron radio ratings.  The release of the numbers are usually done in stages.  We get our numbers courtesy of Station Ratings.  Here are the rankings of sports radio stations in the following markets…

New York (#1 Radio Market)
WFAN 2.6 (15th Rank in Market)
WEPN 0.9 (28)

Los Angeles (#2 Radio Market)
KSPN 0.9 (31)
KLAC 0.6 (37)

Chicago (#3 Radio Market)
WMVP 1.7 (23)
WSCR 1.5 (27)

San Diego (#17 Radio Market)
XEPRS 1.9 (19)

Milwaukee (#36 Radio Market)
WSSP 0.9 (21)
WAUK 0.7 (26)

These ratings numbers represent all listeners ages 12 and up.  Sports radio stations typically target men 25-54. Those numbers are not available on the website.   It’s interesting to note how sports radio plays in some markets compared to others.

We will have more to report once more numbers are released.