True Hoop

The Development of a Blogger: ESPN’s TrueHoop Network Provides Interesting Opportunity

ESPN’s Henry Abbot who runs the TrueHoop blog (one of the first really solid blogs to get picked up by a mainstream outlet) recently announced the TrueHoop blog network, a network of 30+ blogs for each NBA team that would function as a collective of sorts to promote each other and cover every issue in the NBA.

In the announcement on his blog he had this to say about the ambitious project:

Thanks to the web, any writer with a measure of dedication, talent, and insight can be found and read (whether or not they have some crony to help them get hired in this tough business).

I have probably read as many basketball articles and blog posts as anyone over the last three-plus years, and I can tell you that there is fantastic work out there, and some of the smartest, most creative, fastest, and fascinating work is outside the mainstream media.

In my mind, if you were doing an honest compendium of the best sportswriting of these last couple of years, you would simply have to include some blog posts.

Put those talented new voices together with the stuff every sports fan wants to know about their team day in and day out, and I believe you have something that will prove to be must-read.