Troy Smith


Apologies to Troy Smith for last month’s post about what appeared to be crude messages sent by him via Twitter. My post expressed some small doubt the tweets might actually be from Smith, but not enough. In Wednesday’s Sun, the Ravens backup quarterback said he doesn’t use Twitter and the tweets weren’t his. Again, I am sorry.

Sounding like a twit on Twitter

Thanks to the Stet Sports blog, I got a chance to kill some time and brain cells by reading Twitter messages from Ravens backup quarterback Troy Smith (warning: coarse language). As Stet points out: “From profanity to drug references to vulgar thanks extended to Cleveland party goers, here’s one instance of when keeping it Twitterrific goes horribly wrong.”

(I suppose, to be fair, we could acknowledge the possibility this isn’t really Smith.)

A few examples (my editing of the obscenities):

  • “I’d buy every different type of bud in the World…lol” (in response to teammate Fabian Washington)
  • Twiggaz, I f—- wit Cle. ya’ll came out and rocked wit us las night, without ya’ll it wouldn’t have been that way, ya’ll the f—– best…”
  • We gone try to get you in Cleveland for that gansta s—, all that other s— weak…”
  • “Party, Party, Party, let’s all get wasted…” (again to Washington)

When is that first random drug test?