The Greatest Highlight

The Greatest Highlight Flim-Flam

So I’m watching Sportscenter this morning when the latest segment of “The Greatest Highlight” with Chris Berman comes on.  Listening to the segment made me take notice.  It’s not what Berman said that got me in an uproar, but the fact that he had said it AGAIN!

Let me explain.  In his set-up to introducing the highlight of Mike Eruzione’s game winning goal in the 1980 Olympics against the Soviets, Berman referenced the 1960 Squaw Valley team that also took home the gold.  It then dawned on me that was the same lead-in he used during the earlier editions of this segment.  ESPN just re-played the Berman-led highlight as the clip advanced through this “tournament”.   They did the same for the 2007 Boise State football “Statue of Liberty” highlight.

A lot of people have slammed the WWL for the creation of these made-for-ESPN debates.  I have no problem with ESPN developing “Who’s Now” or “The Greatest Highlight”.  I didn’t particularly like how they were presented(Berman included), but the concept is fine.  Fans do talk about this stuff.

If ESPN is going to promote “The Greatest Highlight” with Chris Berman, then Chris Berman should tape fresh content as the “tournament” played out.  To reuse his original description of the highlights cheapens the segment.  If Berman couldn’t provide fresh content for the piece, then take it out of his hands!

If ESPN wants us to embrace the concept of “The Greatest Highlight”, then it should at least do its part to produce fresh segments of the series.

I guess they do think we all are THAT stupid.