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Sports Media Weekly No. 105- Frank Deford, Sports Illustrated, NPR, HBO Sports

I’m operating without a partner on this edition of Sports Media Weekly as Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites is taking care or some personal matters this week.

I did cover some of the sports media news of the week…ratings for the NBA Playoffs, the Stanley Cup Finals and golf on CBS.  I also touched upon changes on the way for the SportsCenter anchor line-up, and the kick-off of Euro 2012 on ESPN and the NASCAR Sprint Cup season on TNT.

My guest this week is Frank Deford, Senior Contributing Writer at Sports Illustrated and correspondent for both NPR and HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.  Frank’s latest book, Over Time: My Life as a Sportswriter looks back at his 50 years of covering sports.  During the interview Frank talks about how sportswriting has changed over time and is still abundant today.  He also talks about how social media outlets and sports celebrity sites limit how sports stories are told.  He touches upon the advances women have made in covering sports; his time as editor of The National; and some of the people he would have liked to interview but never did.

Sports Media Weekly No. 103- Ed Sherman, the Sherman Report & Michelle Beadle, Access Hollywood/NBC Sports

We have two fantastic guests joining Ken Fang and me on this week’s program.

The first is Ed Sherman, former sports media columnist for the Chicago Tribune who now has his own sports media blog,  The Sherman Report.  Ed joins Ken and I for the news portion of the show, which kicks off by looking at the move by Michelle Beadle from ESPN to Access Hollywood and NBC Sports.

We then move to the announcement last week of the extension of the contract between the ACC and ESPN and this week’s news that CBS will be sub-contracting some college basketball action from ESPN.

We finish the news segment by looking at TBS getting the rights to the Major League Baseball Wild Card games and the prospects of the MLB Network reaching a wide enough audience for its two Division Series playoff tilts.

Our second guest is the aformentioned Michelle Beadle.  Michelle goes through why she decided to move away from ESPN, the attention surrounding her move, and the roles she will play with Access Hollywood and NBC Sports.

Sports Media Weekly iTunes Feed Back Up and Running

It has been a few weeks since I was alerted to the fact that our iTunes feed for the Sports Media Weekly program was not working properly.

I have finally rectified the problem.  For those of you on iTunes who would like to subscribe to the program, you can now do so and download the show.  For those who have had problems in the past, you will need to unsubscribe from the feed, then re-subscribe and you should be all set.

Please let me know if you still experience a porblem.  Thanks for your patience and support.

Sports Media Weekly Podcast #2

Here is our second Sports Media Weekly Podcast.  I am joined once again by my co-host, Ken Fang from Fang’s Bites.

In this edition of the show we use this weekend’s NFL TV blackout in Detroit to examine the effectiveness of the blackout policy…We go into more depth on ESPN’s growth of  local sports websites in advance of ESPNDallas…We look at the announcing team for the new UFL…We ask whether fans in Minnesota and Wisconsin will pay extra for online newspaper content on the Vikings and Packers…and we look at the new lunchtime programming on Fox…

Sports Media Weekly Podcast #1

Here’s another new feature here at Sports Media Journal.  We are teaming up with our good friend Ken Fang at Fang’s Bites on a weekly podcast called Sports Media Weekly, where we discuss the sports media news of the week.

The goal is to produce a new podcast mid-week, each week.  We will not limit the conversations to ourself.  We hope to bring in sports media reporters and newsmakers from time to time to add extra expertise to our shows.

In this premiere edition of the show, Ken and I talk about the beginning of the NFL season, USOpen coverage, ESPN’s 24 hour college basketball opener, and the return of a famous animated hockey character…