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Sports Media Weekly No. 153- Paulsen, Sports Media Watch

We have an abbreviated edition of Sports Media Weekly this week.

Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and I are joined this week by Paulsen of Sports Media Watch.

We start the show looking at the average ratings for ABC and ESPN through the first three games of the NBA Finals.  We then look at the expectations of the NHL and NBC as the NHL Finals between the Bruins and Blackhawks gets underway tonight.

The next round of job cuts at ESPN began today.  Among those let go was Howie Schwab, long time ESPN researcher and former participant in the Stump the Schwab program which ran from 2004 through 2006.  We react to the move, which appears to be having an impact on those still in Bristol.

We move on to the announcement that ESPN will be shuttering its ESPN3D channel by the end of the year.

We wrap the show looking at how the U.S. Open golf tournament will fare for ESPN and NBC.


Sports Media Weekly No. 145- Paulsen, Sports Media Watch and Dan Levy, The Bleacher Report

Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and I are back for another edition of Sports Media Weekly.

We are joined for our “third man in” news segment by Paulsen of Sports Media Watch.

We begin the show by talking about the final ratings for CBS and Turner for the recently-completed NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.  We look back at what was the best and worst of the coverage by both networks.

We wrap-up the segment by looking at plans by TNT to cover tomorrow night’s Thunder/Warriors NBA telecast without a play-by-play announcer, only analysts Steve Kerr, Reggie Miller and Chris Webber.

Our second guest this week is Dan Levy, national lead writer for the Bleacher Report. Dan fills us in on how his role has evolved at the Bleacher Report and the impact Turner has had on the operation after it purchased the site.

Dan also used his appearance to announce a new project, the creation of a graphic novel entitled The Rise of the Umpire Robots.  Dan will enlist a star-studded roster of sports writers to help with the project, which will be funded via Kickstarter very soon.

Sports Media Weekly Podcast #35- Paulsen, Sports Media Watch

Sports Media Weekly We’re back with another edition of the Sports Media Weekly Podcast.

This week Ken Fang at Fang’s Bites and I are joined for the entire show by Paulsen of Sports Media Watch.

On this week’s show we talk about what it will mean for the media to have Super Bowl XLVII held in New York.  Specifically we look at how fortuitous it may be for Fox to be the network slated to telecast that game.

Other topics on the agenda…critiques on the work done thus far by ESPN and TNT in covering the NBA conference finals…we look at how ESPN is pulling out all the stops in preparation for next month’s World Cup…and the three of us speculate on the future for Erin Andrews, whose contract with ESPN is up in the near future.