Neil Best

Sports Media Weekly No. 166- Neil Best, Newsday & Don Orsillo, NESN

This week’s Sports Media Weekly  program features guests from the Northeast.

Joining Ken Fang of Fangs Bites and me for our news segment this week is Neil Best of Newsday.

We begin the show by previewing the coverage of Major League Baseball’s post season.  We all agree that even though many of the announcing assignments are unchanged this year, the one game wild card playoff aspect of the post season does bring with it an added level of excitement.

We switch to the NFL and CBS’s announcement that NFL Today analysts Boomer Esiason, Bill Cowher, and Shannon Sharpe will move from the studio to the booth for one week during next Sunday’s action.  If it were another sport other than the NFL then these moves may have more significance than they do.

We next ask Neil to bring us up to date with the state of sports coverage in New York, now that the Yankees and Mets are finished for the season; the Giants and Jets don’t seem to be going in any positive direction; and the winter sports season hasn’t really gotten started in any meaningful way.

Our second guest this week is Red Sox television play-by-play voice Don Orsillo.  Ken speaks with Don about his work with the Sox on NESN, his upcoming playoff stint with TBS; and even culinary arts.


Sports Media Weekly No. 137- Neil Best, Newsday & Kevin Harlan, Dial Global Radio

Welcome to the post-Super Bowl edition of Sports Media Weekly.

Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and I are joined for our “Third Man In” segment by Neil Best, sports media and business columnist for Newsday.  We spend most of our time dissecting the work done by CBS on Super Bowl XLVII.  We look at the network’s handling of the power outage, the sub-par performance by Phil Simms, and the ratings for the game.

We then shift our focus to the announcement this week by NBC on its planned coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  We talk about how NBC will not deviate much in its coverage of the Games based on its success at last year’s Summer Games in London.

We wrap-up our news segment looking at the announcement by Fox Sports that play-by-play man Gus Johnson will be taking the lead role in the network’s international soccer coverage, including the World Cup.  Johnson will begin calling soccer matches next week.

Ken had the opportunity to speak to our second guest this week, Kevin Harlan of Dial Global Sports.  Kevin was in the booth for the radio broadcast of the Super Bowl in New Orleans when the power went out in the Superdome.  He recounts what took place and how he kept the broadcast going by reporting on the events via telephone, audio of which is included in the interview courtesy of Dial Global.

Sports Media Weekly Podcast No. 90- Media at Super Bowl XLVI

Welcome to show XC.

Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and I are devoting the entire program to the media at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.  We have no news segment, but two guests…

We start off the show joined by Neil Best, sports business and media columnist with Newsday.  Neil is covering the Giants for the paper and shares with us his experiences in Indianapolis and how the New York media is covering the team.

We are then joined by Dial Global Sports‘ (formerly Westwood One) Kevin Haraln, who will be calling the game with Boomer Esiason for the nationwide radio network.  Kevin fills us in on his busy schedule prior to the game, and how preparing to call a Super Bowl is similar in some ways, and different in others, than calling the action during the regular season.  As many of you know Kevin handles play-by-play for NFL and College Basketball on CBS and the NBA on TNT.

Sports Media Weekly Podcast #38- Neil Best, Newsday

Sports Media Weekly Time again for the latest Sports Media Weekly Podcast.

Today Ken Fang from Fang’s Bites and I are joined for the entire show by Neil Best, Sports Media Columnist for Newsday.

We start the discussion on the impressive ratings thus far for ESPN and it’s coverage of the World Cup, both on television and online.

We also discuss the impact the NBA and NHL Playoff ratings will have long term, how a projected NFL lockout will impact the television networks, and whether the agenda at the Associated Press Sports Editors Convention really fits into the future of newspapers.

We also discuss with Neil a couple of New York-centric sports media items…the Jerry Seinfeld/Lady Gaga rift as the behind-the-scenes alleged treatment of WFAN interns.

Sports Media Weekly Podcast #22- Neil Best, Newsday

Neil BestSports Media Weekly Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet in the Northeast shall keep us from producing the Sports Media Weekly Podcast.

I am joined by Ken Fang from Fang’s Bites and our special guest, Neil Best, sports media and business columnist at Newsday.

The three of us lead off the week’s discussion on the record ratings for Super Bowl XLIV, the ads from the game, and whether the success of the NFL will motivate the league and the player’s association to come up with a new deal before a suspected lockout in 2011.

Other topics on the agenda include the news that ESPN is renaming its ESPN360 product to ESPN 3…How will Neil cover the sports media news coming out of the Vancouver Olympics…whether WFAN’s Mike Francesa is still an effective sports radio force…and how regional sports networks like YES and SNY plan to make a journalistic impact on the New York media market.

And yes, we do spend some time with Neil talking about the early effects of Newsday’s decision to place their online content behind the paywall…

Blogs With Balls Video- Neil Best, Newsday

Members of the mainstream media did have a presence at the Blogs with Ball conference. One of the columnists who understands the role of sports bloggers is Neil Best, sports media columnist for Newsday. Here’s our talk…

It’s apparent that Neil understands the evolving trends in technology and sports reporting and has done his best to adapt to them. He’s one of the good guys. Thanks again Neil!

What They’re Saying…February 22, 2008

The sports media columnists are out today with their latest work.  Here’s a peak at what they’re talking about…

Over at the LA Daily News, Tom Hoffarth continues his look at the best and worst of the LA area sports media…

Michael Hiestand at USA Today previews ESPN’s coverage of this weekend’s Tennessee/Memphis match-up.

David Barron at the Houston Chronicle talks about how the city preferred the NBA All-Star Game over the Daytona 500 last weekend…

Bob Wolfley at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a look at the HBO documentary on Joe Louis…

At the Oklahoman Mel Bracht has his weekly series of media notes.

In New York, Neil Best over at Newsday has a look at the morning team at sports radio WFAN.

Bob Raissman at the NY Daily News has his take on Roger Clemens backing out of his commitment to “ESPN the Weekend” in Florida.

Richard Sandomir at the NY Times looks at the response to the Knicks replay on MSG given the team’s disappointing season.

In Boston, Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has the news on a new face on the Boston sports television scene…

Dave Darling at the Orlando Sentinel has his look at the best and worst sports movies…

At the Montgomery Advertiser, Mike Tankersley has his local media notes…

What They’re Saying…January 25, 2008

Here’s another look at what sports media columnists are discussing today…

Neil Best at Newsday has a look at how few Giants’ fans were able to secure tickets (through the proper channels) for the Super Bowl.

Michael Hiestand at USA Today previews Fox’ big plans for Super Sunday as well as profiles the NFL’s “other Tom Brady”.

David Barron of the Houston Chronicle also has more on Fox’ plans.

Nancy Marrapese-Burell at the Boston Globe reports on Beantown media plams for the big game.

Tom Hoffarth at the LA Daily News continues the discussion on the suspensions of Kelly Tilghman and Dana Jacobsen.

It took five days, but Bob Raissman at the NY Daily News resurrects the Patriots/Spygate story, and its likelihood to be discussed over the next week.  Sigh.

Bob Wolfley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the reflections of the Fox crew on the NFC Championship.

The NY Times’ Richard Sandomir has a piece on the return of Kelly Tilghman.  He also has a piece about the mentoring relationship between Marty Glickman and Marv Albert.

Barry Jackson at the Miami Herald has a report on the local Miami sports radio ratings.

At the Orlando Sentinel, Dave Darling gives us our sports viewing choices for the weekend.

Jim Carlisle at the Venture County Star takes a preview of NBC’s coverage of the US Figure Skating Championships.

Ray Frager at the Baltimore Sun says despite down years, the Orioles still rule in the city.

What They’re Saying…January 18, 2008

Here is a sample of what some of the sports media columnists across the country are discussing…

The NFL Conference Championship games are getting plenty of attention. The Houston Chronicle’s David Barron gives us a look at the ratings from last week’s action.

Newsday’s Neil Best talks to Fox’s Pam Oliver about Giants/Packers.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Bob Raissman in the NY Daily News points to how the NFL cherishes high ratings over anything else.

Richard Sandomir at the NY Times talks to three former quarterbacks turned TV analysts on the maturity of Eli Manning. He also has a piece on the stupid (my word) choice of covers deployed by the people at Golf Week Magazine.

Bob Wolfleyat the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has Troy Aikman’s take on the Giants and Packers.

USA Today’s Michael Hiestand has the impact Phil Simms has had in Bret Favre’s extended career.

Tom Hoffarth at the LA Daily News talks about the effects weather may have in the two games…media too.

More cold weather and the media from John Maffei at the North Country Times.

In the blogsphere Christopher Byrne at Eye on Sports Media has Jim Nantz’ take on the impacts of weather on a telecast.

Enjoy your sports Friday!

What They’re Saying…January 13, 2008

Happy Sunday!  Here are what some of the sports media columnists around the country are talking about today…

Newsday’s Neil Best says despite much criticism, Tony Kornheiser may be back in the Monday Night Football booth next season.

Also in New York, the Daily News’ Bob Raissman talks about the hype around the latest championship fight to take place in Madison Square Garden.

Bob Wolfley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reviews Fox’ coverage of yesterday’s Seahawks/Packers playoff contest.

In St. Louis, Dan Caesar of the Post Dispatch discusses the revolutionary television coverage of St. Louis Blues games.

With college football now over, David Knox of the Birmingham News says focus now shifts to coverage of college hoops.

That’s a wrap for now.  Enjoy your sports Sunday!