Mike Pereira

Sports Media Weekly No. 140- Ed Sherman, The Sherman Report & Fox Sports 1 Announcement

Your humble co-host is on the disabled list but was able to muddle through this edition of the Sports Media Weekly program.

Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and I are joined during our news segment by Ed Sherman of the Sherman Report.

We begin the program by providing our reaction to the big announcement this week of the launch this summer of Fox Sports 1.  Ken, Ed and I discuss the advantages Fox has in launching this new all-sports network, yet we all agree it will take some time before Fox Sports 1 will be considered a serious threat to the ESPN empire.

We continue our Fox Sports 1 talk by discussing the likelihood the new network will secure the rights to the revamped Big East basketball package once the “Catholic Seven” break from the current league and establish the new conference later this summer.

We wrap our news segment by looking back at the piece written by James Andrew Miller in last weekend’s New York Times on the attempts by Keith Olbermann to return to ESPN.

Ken had the opportunity to attend the Fox Sports 1 announcement on Tuesday and has three interviews for the second half of the show.  Ken, along with other reporters, had the chance to speak with Fox Senior Executive Vice President David Hill on the state of Fox Sports; Regis Philbin who will host a late afternoon talk show on the new network; and Fox NFL rules analyst Mike Pereira.