Classic lacrosse, most-viewed NBA

ESPN has deemed Monday’s NCAA lacrosse final between Syracuse and Cornell worthy of the oxymoronic tag “instant classic” and will replay the game tonight at 7 on ESPN Classic.

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Game 3 of the Lakers-Nuggets series drew 8.7 million viewers, setting a record for ABC for a conference final game, bettering the 8.2 million for a Pistons-Heat game in 2006.


Chicks dig the horses


Is it the hats?

NBC’s latest news release on its Kentucky Derby ratings contained this tidbit: The telecast drew 2 percent more female viewers than male viewers. The Derby is one of just three major sporting events, along with the Winter and Summer Olympics, that draw a bigger female component, NBC reports.

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Baltimore-centric entry: ESPN’s Quint Kessenich predicts his NCAA lacrosse final four in news release today, and he says the Division I semifinals will be without a team from Maryland. The former Johns Hopkins goalie goes with Virginia, Princeton, Duke and Syracuse.

ESPN also sent out a short Q&A with Kessenich. Read it below. (more…)