The Homers on Homers

I had a chance today to listen to the two morning shows of the dominant sports radio stations in Boston (WEEI) and Denver (KKFN) and their take on the World Series.  It was the classic case of each station looking at the series through the rose colored glasses of their respective teams.

At WEEI, hosts John Dennis and Gerry Callahan had little doubt that the Red Sox would win the Series in five games.  They also didn’t think that a sweep would be out of the realm of possibility.  They pointed to Boston’s experience in the post season and the Rockies lack of it in jumping to their conclusions.

Over at KKFN,  The Sports Guys,  Mike Evans and Sandy Clough had the Rockies winning the Series.  Evans picked Colorado in six while Clough thought the series would end in five games.  They feel the Rockies will remain on their hot streak and will catch Boston by surprise.  They also noted that the Rockies have nothing to lose and the Red Sox will have more pressure to win.

Two cities, two perspectives.  I guess that’s why they play the game on the field and not on the airwaves.