Kansas City Royals

All MLB Media is Local- Kansas City Royals

To the nation’s heartland we go to look at the local media covering the KANSAS CITY ROYALS

Newspaper– The first stop for news in Kansas City is at the Kansas City Star. The paper sports section includes a specific page dedicated to the Royals. Bob Dutton (Twitter) leads the beat and contributes to the paper’s Ball Star. Lee Judge provides a game-by-game recap of each game. Sam Mellinger (Twitter) will also have a word or two about the team.

Sports Radio–  610 Sports KCSP is the flagship to the Royals Radio Network.  Denny Matthews leads the broadcast Ryan Lefebvre and Steve Physioc (Twitter).  Steve Stewert will sometimes handle play-by-play but also serves as the radio pre and post game host.  Along with KSP, WHB provides fans with another sports radio outlet to talk about the Royals.

Television– Lefebvre and Physioc lead the Royals telecasts on Fox Sports Kansas City.  Rex Hudler and Jeff Montgomery (Twitter) add analysis.  Joel Goldberg (Twitter) is the studio pre and post game host.  KCTV, KMBC, KSHB, and WDAF are the broadcast television outlets in KC. that also cover the team.

BlogsRoyals Review, Kings of Kaufman, Rany on the Royals and Pine Tar Press are some of the independent websites commenting on the Royals.

If there are sites you follow which we did not list, add them in the comments.