Jay Mariotti

Sports Media Weekly No. 138- John Ourand, Sports Business Journal

The week after the Super Bowl usually brings a lull to the sports world.  That’s why we have an abbreviated edition of Sports Media Weekly this week.

Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and I are joined by John Ourand, sports media reporter for Sports Business Journal.

We begin the show talking about the slower pace to sports after the Super Bowl and John’s experiences covering the game from New Orleans.

We then talk to John about his reporting on Fox Sports’ anticipated move to convert Speed into Fox Sports 1 and Fox Soccer into Fox Sports 2, and the strong base of programming Fox will have available when the new networks launch later this year.

Ken then discusses the debut of Gus Johnson as the new lead soccer voice for Fox during today’s Champions League match between Real Madrid and Manchester United.  Surprisingly Ken, and those on Twitter, seem to think Johnson fared well in his new role.

We wrap the show talking about the piece in The Sherman Report that Jay Mariotti will once again perform some work for ESPN, and we look at the 2013 MLB schedule on Fox.

Sports Media Weekly Podcast No. 46- Scott Ackerson, Fox NFL Sunday

Sports Media Weekly We are back with another edition of the Sports Media Weekly Podcast.

We have a full show as Ken Fang at Fang’s Bites and I start the show by talking about the egos of some members of the sports media, specifically AOL Fanhouse/ESPN’s Jay Mariotti and Fox Sports.com’s Jason Whitlock.

Ken and I also review the announcer assignments for CBS, Fox, and Westwood One as they get set for the 2010 NFL season.  And speaking of announcers, we also look at Ken’s list last week of his best announcers of all time.

Our guest this week is Scott Ackerson, Coordinating Producer of Fox NFL Sunday.  Scott has been producing the show for 17 years and tells us about the changes in technology and how it has impacted the show over the years, the chemistry of the on-air talent, the addition of Mike Pereira to the line-up, and what other new features we can expect on the show this year.

Why Mariotti is Right

The sports blogsphere is all a flutter today in response to Jay Mariotti’s rant against bloggers in his latest post on Fanhouse.

Much of the criticism of Mariotti’s piece is nothing new; the MSM doesn’t understand bloggers…bloggers are not journalists…the MSM should focus on doing its job.  And on and on.

Listen, I’m not a fan of Mariotti, but I do have some suggestions to all my blogging friends;

  1. Get over the criticism.
  2. You give Mariotti more attention by reacting to him.
  3. Mariotti’s contention that some bloggers need to act like journalists is right!

How can I say this you ask? Look what else is happening today that proves Mariotti’s point.

There is a list making it’s way across some blogs, many of them quite well regarded (I will not dignify them by listing them here) which, allegedly, is an UNCONFIRMED list of the 104 baseball players who tested positive as part of the 2003 drug testing conducted by Major League Baseball.

How irresponsible can these blogs be? You are publishing a list that is UNCOFIRMED! If a mainstream media reporter were to publish/blog this UNCONFIRMED list, they would be immediately taken to task by their editors.  And rightly so. Why should bloggers be any different?

Ken Rosenthal was right when he appeared on ESPN’s Outside the Lines when a blogger speculated that the increased power numbers of  a member of the Philadelphia Phillies may be the result of his taking performance enhancing drugs.  Speculate all you want with your friends over drinks, but once you publish your thoughts and accusations for all to see, whether in print or online, that takes your accusations to another level, one where we all should take more responsibility.

The blogger mentality of hiding behind reporting the list as “UNCONFIRMED” or citing the original source of the list should not make it acceptable to spread the rumor or innuendo.  It makes no difference whether the list is proven to be accurate at a later date.

I am not perfect when it comes to everything I write here at SMJ.  But I view this site as a journalistic endeavor and if I get a tip on a story, I will never throw out the information before it is completely vetted.  I will also never report that someone else is reporting the rumor.  If that means I am not first to report a story, that’s fine by me.  For me it’s accuracy over expediency.

Bloggers, stop complaining when someone in the MSM criticizes your work.  Find out the facts before you publish them.  Stop hiding behind your perceived security blanket called the blogsphere.

The AOL Sports Stable Grows

AOL Sports has added three journalism veterans to their stable of writers. 

Mariotti writes his first column here.  Another enlightening piece on the status of the newspaper industry.  I have always thought that Marriotti comes across as extremely smug, engrossed in his own ego.  That’s nothing new.  Even though his methods have been hammered within the blogsphere, I am willing to see how he handles his new role before passing further judgement.

Woody Paige Does Dan Reeves

Thanks to David Friedman at Best Ever Sports Talk for posting this interviewwith the Denver Post’s/ESPN’s Woody Paige.  It’s actually part of a talk Friedman had with Paige in 2004. 

The best part of the piece comes when Paige talks about his on-air ESPN persona…

…no one really knows whether I am a soft spoken, introspective person or if I am the goof that I play on TV. I create a character. (Dick)Vitale is not the guy he (acts like on TV)–I don’t want to make a comparison because I’m certainly not (as famous). Eighteen year old kids love us both–I don’t know what that says about 18 year old kids. I’m doing Dan Reeves and nobody really ever got that. I am doing Dan Reeves and Don Meredith. My writing was an amalgamation of Kurt Vonnegut and Dan Jenkins and some Jim Murray thrown all together.

Paige also points out that Skip Bayless takes his role on the WWL much more seriously than he.  And what you see from Jay Mariotti is…Jay Mariotti.

I guess you can’t always believe what you see on TV!  Thanks David!