Detroit sports radio

Spring 2008 Sports Radio Ratings, Part 2

More local sports radio ratings are being released…

San Francisco (#4 Radio Market)

KNBR 3.0 (#10 in Market)

Boston (#10 Radio Market)

WEEI 4.8 (#6 in Market)
WAMG 0.5 (#30)

Detroit (#11 Radio Market)

WXYT 3.5 (#11 in Market)
WDFN 1.0 (#22)

Sacramento, CA (#27 Radio Market)

KHTK 2.0 (#16 in Market)
KCTC 0.5 (#30)

Providence, RI (#39 Radio Market)

WEEI-FM 5.6 (#6 in Market)

Toledo, OH (#88 Radio Market)

WLQR 1.6 (#15 in Market)
WCWA 0.7 (#19)

The ratings numbers reflect all audiences ages 12 and up.  Numbers courtesy of Station Ratings.

Winter Sports Radio Ratings, Part 2

Here are more ratings of sports radio stations from across the US based on the recently completed, Winter ’08 Arbitron ratings period…

Boston (#10 Radio Market)
WEEI AM/FM 5.7 aggregate (#5 in Market)

Detroit (#11 Radio Market)
WXYT AM/FM aggregate 2.5 (#19 in Market)
WDFN 1.1 (22)

San Diego (#17 Radio Market)
XEPRS 1.8 (#21 in Market)

Hartford, CT (#50 Radio Market)
WPOP 1.1 (#17 in Market)

Allentown, PA (#68 Radio Market)
WEEX/WTKZ 0.9 (#17 in Market)

Akron OH (#74 Radio Market
WKNR 2.2 (#16 in Market)

Some notes…WEEI’s numbers remain phenomenal, by far the highest in the country.  Their 25-54 demo must be enormous.  How dominant are they?  There is another sports radio station in Boston (WAMG).  They didn’t even register in the ratings (12 +).

WFAN in New York shows up in the Hartford and Allentown markets.  In fact they out rate WPOP in Hartford. 

WKNR is actually the ESPN Radio affiliate in Cleveland.

The ratings you see are all listeners ages 12 and up.  Thanks to Station Ratings for the numbers.

Fall Sports Radio Ratings, Part 2

Here is the next set of cities and the Fall 2007 Arbitron ratings of their sports radio stations:

Detroit (#10 Radio Market)
WXYT-FM 1.8 (19th Ranking in Market)
WDFN 1.0 (22)
WXYT-AM 0.8 (23)

Harrisburg, PA (#78 Radio Market)
WTKT 0.5 (30)

Toledo, OH (#87 Radio Market)
WLQR 2.3 (13)
WCWA 0.5 (20)

And just because…

Peoria, IL (#149 Radio Market)
WZPN 1.5 (17)

Again these numbers are based on all listeners ages 12 and up. The real measure for most sports radio stations are men 25-54. Those numbers were not available on the Station Ratings website.