Buzz Bissenger

More Buzz…Less Angry…Still Half Misguided

In case you missed it, Buzz Bissinger talked about blogs again yesterday durng an interview on NPR.

He was a lot more calm in this interview, which was part of a larger discussion focusing on his work chronicling the life of Barbaro.  He said he regretted his tone on the Costas NOW program but is still passionate in his oppositon to blogs.

He mentions on a couple of occasions that not all sports blogs are bad.  That’s a good first step.  He still, however, seems to not understand the purpose of blogs.  He also continues to be confused as to the difference between a post and a comment.

I still agree with Bissinger in that the unintended goal of some sports blogs is to dumb down the level of discourse and to cater to the lowest common denominator.  And sometimes these blogs get the greatest number of hits.  There is a level of “gotcha” reporting on some blogs which can be seen as entertaining, yet damaging to athletes.  Bissenger says these stories sometimes impacts an athlete’s relationship with ALL reporters.

There is an audience for this content.  I don’t want to see it curtailed.  It’s disappointing that many of today’s youth take the juvenile behavior of some of blogs as to be the authority in sports coverage.  Many of us can see the difference.  Many others do not.  It’s this credibility that Bissenger, and I, feel is of concern when it comes to the future of sports journalism.