Blogs with Balls

SMJ at BwB

If all goes well, I will be on hand with my fellow sports bloggers at the Blogs with Balls conference this Saturday in New York.  It should be an informative event focusing on sports blogs and the future of sports media.  Listen to my interview with one of the conference organizers here.

I want to bring as much of the conference back to all of you who read SMJ. With that in mind, here are my plans;

I will have my video camera with me in the hope of interviewing some of those on hand at the conference.   This is a great way for us to introduce you to those who are making a difference within the sports blogsphere.  If you’re reading this and will be in NYC, look me up.  Let’s talk.

I also would love to live blog from the event.  A few issues may impede my doing so…

  1. The conference is being held at a restaurant.  Even though the event organizers say wireless Internet access will be available,  will all of us wishing to blog, Tweet, etc., be able to do so reliably?
  2. Will there be electricity available for us all to plug in our laptops?

If those two issues are met, check back here at 11am Saturday and we’ll have some fun sharing what’s going on.  I’m sure the organizers will also have interaction available via other means, most notably Twitter.  I’ll try to share those comments in my live blog as well.

If you check back here and nothing happens at 11am Saturday, then issues arose with one or both of the items above, or something else beyond my control.

Either way expect a full report on the conference coming up at a later date.

SMJ Podcast- Blogs With Balls

bwb_logo_block_whiteBeing one who is interested in emerging technologies and sports media, I am extremely intrigued by the upcoming Blogs With Balls conference slated for June 13th in New York City.

I had the opportunity to preview the conference with Chris Lucas of HHR Media.  Chris also writes for the popular Hugging Harold Reynolds sports blog.