Beta Research Corp.

They Really Like ESPN

As much as ESPN is hammered by bloggers, that venom is not apparently shared by cable operators.

In a news release today, the network references a study by the Beta Research Corp. which states that ESPN and ESPN2 rank first and second in “average perceived value” by cable operators surveyed.  The survey was conducted last fall and included responses from general managers and/or marketing directors and Vice Presidents of individual cable systems.

According to the ESPN release, the survey reports that cable operators rate ESPN as “the most important network in their cable system and the most effective network in selling broadband or interactive television services.”

The WWL also noted that it ranked first in other categories, including “Importance for Subscriber Acquisition and Retention; Perceived Value; Having Programming that Generates Local Ad Sales Revenue; Best Overall Marketing Service; Effective Network for Broadband/Interactive TV Sales; and Most Helpful in Driving VOD and SVOD Efforts.”

So there.