Doing the time warp in Baltimore

Some of you might recall George Carlin’s newscaster routine that opened something like this: “It’s 6 p.m. in New York. It’s 3 p.m. in Los Angeles. It’s midnight in London. In Baltimore, it’s 4:27.”

I was reminded of that as I drove around today listening to the Baltimore ESPN Radio affiliate, 1300 AM. This was at least the third time I’d noticed how the station runs taped network talk shows on Sunday afternoons. That would be only mildly annoying and perhaps sometimes not very noticeable if not for the fact that the tape job also included four-hour-old updates every 20 minutes. So after I’d already watched the end of the U.S.-Brazil soccer game, I was hearing how the game was about to start shortly.

OK, maybe not a lot of people listen on a Sunday afternoon and it’s a skeleton crew at the station, but you guys surely could do better than that, couldn’t you?

Spring 2008 Sports Radio Ratings, Part 3

Here are more Arbitron ratings for local sports raido stations for the Spring 2008 ratings period…

Washington DC (#9 Radio Market)

WTEM 1.1 (#18 in Market)

Baltimore (#21 Radio Market)

WJFK 0.6 (#24 in Market)

Cleveland (#28 Radio Market)

WKNR 2.2 (#13 in Market)

Hartford (#50 Radio Market)

WPOP 1.5 (#15 in Market)

Ratings courtesy of Station Ratings.  The ratings measure all listeners ages 12 and up.