Arbitron Radio Ratings

Fall Sports Radio Ratings, Part 3

Here are more of the Arbitron Ratings of sports radio stations across the country…

San Francisco (#4 Radio Market)
KNBR 2.5 (10th Ranked Station in Market)
KTCT 0.6 (33)

Boston (#11 Radio Market)
WEEI-AM 6.0 (3)
WMAG 0.7 (26)
WEEI-FM 0.5 (32)

Sacramento (#27 Radio Market)
KHTK 2.5 (14)
KCTC 0.5 (31)

These numbers are courtesy of Station Ratings. They measure all listeners ages 12+.

How about WEEI in Boston? Combine their two station ratings and they jump to a solid #2, tied with powerhouse WBZ. From the talk on the station today, the numbers for their key demo, men 25-54, are through the roof in all day parts.