All NFL Media is Local

NFL Week Five Schedule, With Local Media Links

Here is the week five NFL schedule, with links to the local media outlet of each team…

Sunday, Oct. 09
Game Time TV
Philadelphia at Buffalo 1:00 pm FOX
New Orleans at Carolina 1:00 pm FOX
Oakland at Houston 1:00 pm CBS
Kansas City at Indianapolis 1:00 pm CBS
Cincinnati at Jacksonville 1:00 pm CBS
Arizona at Minnesota 1:00 pm FOX
Seattle at N.Y. Giants 1:00 pm FOX
Tennessee at Pittsburgh 1:00 pm CBS
Tampa Bay at San Francisco 4:05 pm FOX
San Diego at Denver 4:15 pm CBS
N.Y. Jets at New England 4:15 pm CBS
Green Bay at Atlanta 8:20 pm NBC
Monday, Oct. 10
Game Time TV
Chicago at Detroit 8:30 pm ESPN
Open date: Baltimore,Dallas,Miami,St. Louis,Washington,Cleveland

NFL Week Four Schedule, With Local Media Links

Here is the schedule for the fourth week of the NFL, with links to local media information for each team…

Sunday, Oct. 02
Game Time TV
Carolina at Chicago 1:00 pm FOX
Buffalo at Cincinnati 1:00 pm CBS – HD (Regional)
Washington at St. Louis 1:00 pm FOX
San Francisco at Philadelphia 1:00 pm FOX
Minnesota at Kansas City 1:00 pm FOX
New Orleans at Jacksonville 1:00 pm FOX
Pittsburgh at Houston 1:00 pm CBS – HD (Regional)
Detroit at Dallas 1:00 pm FOX
Tennessee at Cleveland 1:00 pm CBS – HD (Regional)
Atlanta at Seattle 4:05 pm FOX
N.Y. Giants at Arizona 4:05 pm FOX
Miami at San Diego 4:15 pm CBS – HD (Regional)
New England at Oakland 4:15 pm CBS – HD (Regional)
Denver at Green Bay 4:15 pm CBS – HD (Regional)
N.Y. Jets at Baltimore 8:20 pm NBC
Monday, Oct. 03
Game Time TV
Indianapolis at Tampa Bay 8:30 pm ESPN

NFL Week One Schedule, With Local Media Links

What we’ll be doing this NFL season is provide you with a complete weekly schedule with links to our All NFL Media is Local series so you can follow the match-ups through the eyes of the local media covering each team…

Here is the Week 1 NFL schedule:

Thursday, Sep. 08
Game Time TV
New Orleans at Green Bay 8:30 pm NBC
Sunday, Sep. 11
Game Time TV
Pittsburgh at Baltimore 1:00 pm CBS
Detroit at Tampa Bay 1:00 pm FOX
Philadelphia at St. Louis 1:00 pm FOX
Buffalo at Kansas City 1:00 pm CBS
Tennessee at Jacksonville 1:00 pm CBS
Indianapolis at Houston 1:00 pm CBS
Cincinnati at Cleveland 1:00 pm CBS
Atlanta at Chicago 1:00 pm FOX
N.Y. Giants at Washington 4:15 pm FOX
Seattle at San Francisco 4:15 pm FOX
Minnesota at San Diego 4:15 pm FOX
Carolina at Arizona 4:15 pm FOX
Dallas at N.Y. Jets 8:20 pm NBC
Monday, Sep. 12
Game Time TV
New England at Miami 7:00 pm ESPN
Oakland at Denver 10:15 pm ESPN

All NFL Media is Local- Seattle Seahawks

We head to the Pacific Northwest to look at the local media who covers the Seattle Seahawks

Newspaper-  Up until two years ago Seattle had two daily newspapers. The Seattle Times remains in print form.  Its sports section has a dedicated Seahawks section.  Substance over style, which is the point, I guess.  Danny O’Neil (Twitter) leads the other beat writers in maintaining the paper’s Seahawks Blog.  Columnists Jerry Brewer (Twitter) and Steve Kelly will also have thoughts on the team.

The Seattle Post-Intellegencer is no longer in print but does have a digital edition. The P-I’s sports section also has a dedicated Seahawks section.  Nick Eaton (Twitter) has the Seahawks’ beat covered.

Sports Radio-  The Seahawks Radio Network cuts a swath across much of the upper west.  Steve Raible handles the play-by-play with former QB Warren Moon (Twitter) in the analysts seat.  710 ESPN and KIRO-FM serve as the flagship stations.  710 ESPN and KJR satisfies the fans’ interest in discussing the team.

Television-  KCPQKIROKING, and KOMO cover the Seahawks on the TV-side of things.  Root Sports Northwest also covers the Seahawks.

Blogs-  Some of the independent blogs covering the Seahawks include Field Gulls,  Seahawks Gab, Seahawk Addicts, 12th Man RisingScout the Seahawks, and Seahawks Locker.

I know this list is not complete.  If you have another local media outlet you’d like to promote that covers the Seahawks, include them in the comments.

All NFL Media is Local- Houston Texans

Today we look at the local media that covers the Houston Texans

Newspaper- In Houston the Houston Chronicle is he city’s dominant daily newspaper. The online sports section includes a special page dedicated to the Texans.  Beat writer John McClain (Twitter) and Tania Ganguli (Twitter) are on the Texans beat  Columnists Jerome Solomon (Twitter) and Randy Harvey (Twitter) will also write on the Texans.  The paper also has a mechanism by which fans also blog on the team.  Great feature.

Sports Radio-  The Houston Texans Radio Network is anchored by sports radio KILT-AM and KILT-FMMarc Vandermeer (Twitter) serves on play-by-play with former Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware providing commentary.  Along with KILT you can talk Texans on KBME, KNFC,  and KGOW.

Television-  TV coverage of the Texans can be found on KHOUKPRCKRIV, and KTRK.  Fox Sports Houston also covers the Texans.

Blogs-  Check out Battle Red BlogToro Times, Texans Gab, Texans Bull Blog, and the team’s own blog for some independent thoughts of the team.

We know you may read these or other resources on the Texans.  Share your thoughts in the comments.

All NFL Media is Local- Washington Redskins

Let’s head inside the beltway to look at the local media contingent that covers the Washington Redskins

Newspaper- Washington DC is a two newspaper town, both of which have major influence. The Washington Post online sports section includes special coverage of the ‘Skins.  Mike Jones (Twitter) and Mark Maske (Twitter) take charge of the paper’s The Insider blog. And with this prestigious roster of columnists, it’s a must stop for all Redskins fans.

The Washington Times  sports section also has dedicated coverage of the ‘Skins.  Rich Campbell (Twitter) is the lead beat writer who also maintains the paper’s Redskins Watch blog.

Sports Radio- The Redskins Radio Network has the team covered on game day with ESPN Radio WTEM 980 AM as the flagship.  Larry Michael provides play-by-play. He’s joined by Hall of Famers Sam Huff and Sonny Jurgensen. You can talk Redskins over at WTEM and 106.7 The Fan.

Television- WJLAWRCWTTG, and WUSA are local television resources for the Redskins.  Comcast SportsNet Washington also has coverage of the team.

Blogs-  Check out Hogs HavenRiggo’s Rag, Redskins Hog Heaven, The Hogs.Net , Redskins Gab, and the team’s own blog for independent blog coverage of the team.

We know there are many more places to get news on the ‘Skins.  Let us know what you think about our list and add others in the comments section.

All NFL Media is Local- New York Jets

Time to take a look at some of the local media covering the other NFL squad in the Big Apple…the New York Jets

Newspaper- The metropolitan area has four major newspapers that cover the Jets. The online sports section of the The New York Times does have a dedicated page for the Jets. Ben Shpigel (Twitter) leads the Jets beat.  The paper also includes the Fifth Down blog, which is devoted to the Jets, Giants, and NFL in general. Columnist William C. Rhoden (Twitter) may also chime in on the Jets.

The New York Daily News online sports section also has a special section on the Jets. Lead beat writer Manish Mehta (Twitter) also maintains the paper’s Jets Stream Blog.  Mike Lupica leads a large contingent of columnists at the paper who may make their feelings known on the Jets.

Over at the New York Post, they pull off the tabloid feel of the paper in the online sports section. They also have a dedicated Jets page. Brian Costello (Twitter) leads the Jets beat and keeps up the paper’s Jets Blog.  As with the Daily News, there are plenty of columnists on the sports staff to comment on the Jets.

At Newsday (subscription required), its sports section has a page devoted to the team.  Kimberly Martin (Twitter) handles the Jets beat and the paper’s Nothing But Jets blog. As with its brethren, the paper has its share of columnists to talk Jets.

Sports Radio- ESPN 98.7 is the radio home for the Jets Radio Network.  Bob Wischusen (Twitter) returns on play-by-play as does Marty Lyons with analysis. Of course you can also listen to Jets talk on sports radio power WFAN.

Television-  There are plenty of television outlets that may provide coverage of the team. The ones representing the four major networks are WABCWNBCWCBS, and WNYW.  The YES Network and SNY also have coverage of the team.And of course there is coverage on ESPN New York.

Blogs- Some of the independent Jets blogs include Jets LockerThe Green and White Report, Gang Green Nation, and Jets Gab.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Who do you like to read?  Let us know in the comments.

All NFL Media is Local- Minnesota Vikings

We continue our look at the local media contingent covering their NFL clubs.  Today we go to the Twin Cities and look at the reporters who follow the Minnesota Vikings

Newspaper-  The largest newspaper in the region is the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.  They appear to have a fairly comprehensive sports section, including an area dedicated to the Vikes.  Beat writers Mark Craig (Twitter) and Dan Wiederer (Twitter) maintain the paper’s Access Vikings blog.  Columnists Chip Scoggins (Twitter), Patrick Reusse (Twitter) and  the legendary Sid Hartman (Twitter) will also comment on the Vikes.  The paper also has an independent fan blog by Bo Mitchell, Patrick Donnelly and Christian Peterson

Sports Radio- Sports radio KFAN serves as the flagship of the Vikings Radio NetworkPaul Allen serves as the radio play-by-play voice, joined in the booth by Peter Bercich and Greg Coleman (Bercich Twitter) (Coleman Twitter).  The FAN and KSTP are also the best places for Vikings talk on non-game days.

Television- KAREKMSPKSTP, and WCCO are the main television outlets that cover the Vikings.  Fox Sports North will also provide coverage of the team.

Blogs-  The following independent blogs are another resource for Vikings fans; Purple PrideDaily NorsemanThe Viking Age, Vikings Gab, The Viking Ship, MNVikings Blog, and the team’s own blog.

We know this is not a complete list of resources.  Please use the comments to list others.

All NFL Media is Local- Oakland Raiders

Today we head to the Bay area as we look at the local sports media covering the Oakland Raiders.

Newspaper- The Oakland Tribune is the daily newspaper in the city. It’s online sports page is housed as part of Inside Bay Beat writers Jerry McDonald (Twitter) and Steve Corkran (Twitter) can be found on a page dedicated to the Raiders as well as on the Bay Area News Group’s Inside the Oakland Raiders blog.  The Bay Area News Group also has a stable of sports columnists in Monte Poole (Twitter), Carl Steward (Twitter), Tim Kawakami (Twitter), and Mark Purdy (Twitter) who will comment on the team.

Also covering the Raiders is the San Francisco Chronicle. Its online sports page (and the rest of the paper online) is part of SF The sports section has a page dedicated to the Raiders. Beat writers Vic Tafur (Twiiter) is the lead beat writer who also maintains the Silver and Black Blog. With columnists like Scott Ostler (Twitter) you can expect more to be written about the Raiders.

Sports Radio- Live 105.3 FM serves as the flagship in the Oakland Raiders Radio Network.  Greg Papa handles play-by-play with former Raiders coach Tom Flores and quarterback Jim Plunkett adding analysis.  There doesn’t appear to be a dedicated sports radio station in Oakland (if I’m wrong, let me know), so I guess they can chime in with Raider talk on KNBR in San Francisco.

Television- As part of the San Francisco metro you can follow the Raiders on KGO, KNTV, KPIX, and KTVU. Comcast SportsNet Bay Area also covers the team.

Blogs-  I do know that there are plenty of independent blogs on the Raiders.  They include  Silver and Black Pride Just Blog, BabyRaiders Locker, and Raiders Gab.  I don’t know how accurate this is, but there is a list of blogs at Raiders Links.

If you recommend other Raiders resources, add them in the comments area.

All NFL Media is Local- New Orleans Saints

Next up in our look at the local sports media outlets covering the NFL is the contingent that follows the New Orleans Saints.

Newspaper- The Times-Picayune is the city’s dominant newspaper. It’s online presence, including its sports section, is housed on The site does have a Saints-dedicated page. Jeff Duncan (Twitter)  Larry Holder (Twitter), Kevin Spain (Twitter) and Nakia Hogan (Twitter)are the paper’s primary reporters on the Saints beat.  Columnist Gerry Vaillancourt will also have a take on the Saints.

Sports Radio- WWL is the flagship station in the Saints Radio Network. Jim Henderson handles play-by-play and Hokie Gajan provides analysis.

Television- New Orleans is served on television via WWL-TVWDSUWGNO, and WVUE.  Cox Sports Television in New Orleans also provides coverage of the Saints.

Blogs- Some of the blogs that comment on the Saints include Black and Gold, Canal Street ChroniclesSaints Gab, and the team’s own blog.

I’m sure we missed some media outlets covering the Saints. Let everyone know about them by including them in the comments.