Post 101- Looking Back and Ahead

What a coincidence that in 2007 we published exactly 100 posts! I know Fanhouse, Deadspin, and others reach that number everyday, but it is a milestone nonetheless.  

I understand the arguments about page views, etc…but I believe posting for the sake of posting does not necessarily equal blogging success.  I never felt the need to comment on everything being done in the sports media.  I’ll leave that for others.  Besides, as much as I love writing for this blog, the other aspects of my life sit much higher on the priority scale.

So what was 2007 like here at Sports Media Journal?   My goal has always been to try to do more than just comment on the work of those in the sports media.  There are plenty of sites that are complaint clearinghouses.  That’s OK.  Being critical is one thing.  Offering constructive solutions to those criticisms in my opinion gives our work a level of credibility.

That was our approach this fall when we took a look at the perceived problems at ESPN. Not only did we comment on some of the problems that ailed the World Wide Leader, but we felt an obligation to come up with a solution to solving some of them.  These solutions may not be revolutionary, but at least we did more than just complain.

We also wanted to use the site to interview those in the sports media.  These professionals not only tell great stories, they have great stories to tell.  Expect more of these profiles in 2008.

In 2007 we took stab at live blogging.  Even though we are still not convinced of its effectiveness, tools like the one from CoveritLive will keep us interested in its development.  Who knows…we may try it again.

We also thought it would be a good idea to show you what it’s like to cover sports.  Our “On Press Row” features will continue in the new year. 

Late in the year we produced our first podcast.  My personal longing to return to my radio roots ensures that there will be more of these throughout the course of the next 12 months.

We look for your input into what you would like to see at SMJ in 2008.  Send us your ideas.

Thanks for your support and Happy New Year!