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No Sports Media Weekly Podcast This Week

Work and family commitments are keeping me away from producing this week’s Sports Media Weekly Podcast.

One thing I did do was to re-title the previous 39 episodes to better identify the guests appearing on the show.  Take a look here at the list of podcasts and listen to the ones you’ve missed.

We’ll be back next week.

Changes at SMJ for 2010

The beginning of a new year brings with it a chance to evaluate what you’ve accomplished in the past and plan for what will come ahead.  That’s the case here at Sports Media Journal (SMJ).

I started SMJ in 2007 because I had an interest in the sports media industry and wanted to provide some insight into the people and organizations that make it up.

At first I took to blogging as a hobby but soon sought more.  Those of you who blog on a regular basis know that as satisfying as it is to share your thoughts with the online world, to make money off that effort takes hours of hard work.

I would spend many a day getting up at 4:30am to assemble links to sports media stories or work late at night catching up on the latest sports media news.  That’s not a complaint, it’s the reality of being a part-time blogger.

All this work, however, has not led to the outcome I had envisioned, at least not yet.  I have a demanding full-time job and a wife and daughter I adore.  Those interests always came first.  And they still do.

I expect some added work commitments coming my way in 2010. That, combined with the responsibilities I have to my family,  means something needs to take a back seat.  That something is Sports Media Journal.

Let me make it clear that I’m not shutting down the site.  I’m just significantly cutting back on how often I blog.  The only commitment I am making is to continue to produce the weekly Sports Media Weekly Podcast with my blogging buddy Ken Fang at Fang’s Bites.

Daily links to sports media stories will be suspended, as will other posts featuring news from the leagues and networks.  Please visit Fang’s Bites for that information.  Ken does it better than anyone else.

I may still post from time to time but there may also be stretches that the only post you’ll see will be the weekly podcast.

I wish this were not the case.   I would love to make SMJ my full time job.  If I am able to resurrect the site to where I can commit more time to it, I will do so.  If any of you would like to lend a hand and write for me, drop me a line.

I would not have been able to accomplish what I have here at SMJ without the understanding and support of my family.  They’ve put up with a lot from me and gave me the space to pursue my blogging interests.

I’ve  made many new friends and contacts along the way.  Being able to converse with those in the industry and getting the cooperation from the sports networks on stories I’ve written have lent this site some credibility.  Colleagues at other blogs have also been extremely supportive.

I also want to thank you, the loyal readers of SMJ.  I have tried my best to keep the site on the straight and narrow, sticking to issues and not straying toward innuendo and scandal.  I really do appreciate your support.

So for now it’s not goodbye, just see you later.  Happy New Year!

Holiday Break

SMJholidayI want to extend my best wishes for a happy holiday to all of you who make Sports Media Journal a regular stop in finding the latest news on the sports media.

We will be taking the next few days off to spend time with the people most important to us.  You should do the same…take a break…get away from the computer and hang out with family and friends.  Sports news will still be around when you get back.

See you Monday.  Peace.

High NFL Ratings Continue for Fox

Fox Sports is reporting that yesterday’s Cowboys/Giants national NFL telecast is the highest rated game of the season on the network.

The 18.9 rating is also the highest on Fox since the two teams registered a 19.1 number in 2006.

Also from Fox Sports PR:

The season-high rating raises FOX’s National Game average to a 16.7/31 this season, by far the highest-rated show on television and a +29% advantage over NBC’s 12.9/21 for SNF in prime time.  FOX’s Week 13 REGIONAL GAME earned a 10.5/21.  Season-to-date FOX is now averaging a 12.8/26 in the metered markets for all games, up +8% over last year’s 11.9/24.  The NFL on FOX is also beating CBS by +11% (vs. 11.5/23) and FOX is now within a tenth of SNF on NBC (12.9/21).

Yesterday’s Saints/Redskins OT game generated a massive 53.1/74 in New Orleans which is the third-highest individual market rating for a regular- season NFL on FOX game all-time, and the highest since 1997.  It is also the highest-rated regular season NFL on FOX game in New Orleans ever, and this is the fifth time this season that New Orleans has posted a new single game high for the market.  The only other times a single market posted a higher rating than NOLA did yesterday was Milwaukee twice in 1997 (55.8/84 on 12/7 for GB/TB and 54.3/78 on 12/14 for GB/Carolina).

Late Day Journal- October 6, 2009

Here are a few sports media news items that have crossed our desk since this morning..

Michael Buteau at Bloomberg has the massive ESPN MNF overnight ratings for Packers/Vikings…

Tom Kowalski at says Fox’ replay did not favor the Lions in their game against the Bears…

Ken Schott at the Schenectady Daily Gazette has news on the MAAC basketball television schedule

Brian Ross at the Huffington Post reports on how the media continues to give the late son of Ted Williams a bad rap

Alex Weprin at Broadcast Newsroom has the story of TBS’ postseason MLB video products

Bruce Allen at Boston Sports Media Watch has news of a local ESPN Radio affiliate

Frank Schwab at the Colorado Springs Gazette talks about the Broncos’ appearance on the

Ken Fang at Fang’s Bites reviews the 30 for 30 ESPN documentary premier, Kings’ Ransom

Maury Brown at the Biz of Baseball reports on new temporary hires by TBS for the postseason… has the 2009-2010 basketball television schedule

Mel Bracht at the Oklahoman has his top 10 college football games for the upcoming weekend…

SMJ Video- ESPN 30th Anniversary Panel

One of the major events of the recent ESPN Media Workshop is the enclosed panel featuring Chris Berman, Bob Ley, and Executive VP of Technology Chuck Pagano discussing the first 30 years of the network.

This video is long. It is also not the entire presentation as I needed to change batteries on two separate occasions. It probably represents 90 percent of the seminar, however. I was unable to mic the presenters so the audio is picked up from the p.a. in the room.

The video begins with a look at a new virtual reality technology ESPN is experimenting with. (The technology was actually first used last November by CNN on Election Night.

The trio talk about the early years of ESPN, some of their favorite moments, and what may lie ahead. Those of you, like me, who are interested in sports media history should find this presentation interesting