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SMJ Video: Blogs with Balls 4, Mike Hall, NESN

Our final interview from the Blogs with Balls 4 conference last Saturday is with Mike Hall from NESN…

If you saw our video with Richard Deitsch, you noticed the appearance of an unwelcome visitor to our shot. It wasn’t the first time that happened. Here’s what happened during our talk with Mike Hall…


SMJ Video: Blogs with Balls 4, Chris Lucas, HHR Media

I had the opportunity to attend the Blogs with Balls 4 conference this past Saturday in New York City.  I’ll have a complete wrap-up of the event during tonight’s Sports Media Weekly Podcast with Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites.

I also had a chance to conduct a few interviews with some of those at the conference.  Here is the first one…a talk with Chris Lucas of HHR Media, the organizers of the event..

SMJ Video- Brian Fox, Sports Artist

What a great way to end the year than with a Sports Media Journal original video.

I have always claimed that the sports media realm exists beyond television, radio, print, and the Internet.  That’s the case today as I speak with Brian Fox, a Massachusetts-based sports artist who has done well for himself producing pieces for such clients as Major League Baseball and Topps.  He was also commissioned to produce artwork for this Friday’s NHL Winter Classic at Fenway Park.

Here is Brian’s story.   You can view more of Brian’s work at Brian Fox Studios.

SMJ Video- ESPN Production Assistant

One of the opportunities the Communications staff at ESPN afforded reporters during last week’s media workshop was the ability to shadow a production assistant.

There are dozens of production assistants working on various segments for either SportsCenter or other studio programs.

I had the opportunity to shadow David Dreyfuss.  David has worked at ESPN as a P.A. for over six years.  This night he was working on a segment for Baseball Tonight. Our conversation took place at approximately 9:35pm and he was working on deadline for the 10:00pm edition of the show.

Blogs With Balls Video- Jonathan Tannenwald,

Another member of the mainstream media at the Blogs with Balls conference was Jonathan Tannenwald of  Here is our conversation on what he hoped to get out of the conference…

Tannenwald had quite a bit more to say about the conference at  Here is his review of the conference.  Here are Q&A’s with organizers Chris Lucas and Dan Poiva of HHR Media.  And one with Deadspin editor AJ Daulerio.

That’s all the video we have from Blogs with Balls.  Overall it was a wonderful opportunity to network with other bloggers and to learn from those who have been successful in making writing online their passion and profession.  It was well worth the trip.