Michaels, Anton Ohno Added to NBC Winter Olumpics COverage

NBC Sochi Feature

NBC Sports announced yesterday that Al Michaels will once again be playing the role as host for the 2014 Winter Olympics while famed speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno will be added to the roster of analysts for the event in Sochi.

Michaels will host daytime Winter Olympics coverage on NBC Sports Network weekdays and NBC during the day on weekends. Michaels served as host of NBC’s weekend and weekday daytime coverage from London (2012) and Vancouver (2010).

Ohno will serve as analyst for the network’s coverage of short track speed skating, while also working on features and offering studio commentary during NBC’s extensive Olympic coverage.

“We are excited to have two Olympic icons in their own right on board to play an integral role in our Sochi coverage,” said Jim Bell, Executive Producer of NBC Olympics. “Al’s historical perspective and expertise will serve as a foundation for NBC Sports Group’s live daytime coverage, while Apolo will bring a fresh off-the-ice and pop culture perspective.”


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