Tennis Channel Has Coverage of the U.S. Fed Cup

The Tennis Channel will be providing exclusive live coverage of the U.S. Fed Cup this weekend ad the United States takes on Sweden from Delray Beach, FL.

Here is the schedule:

Saturday, April 20:

2 p.m. -Live Singles #1-USA vs. Sweden
4 p.m. -Live Singles #2 – USA vs. Sweden
6 p.m. -Singles #1- Italy vs. Czech Republic
8 p.m. -Singles #2 – Italy vs. Czech Republic

Sunday, April 21:

1p.m. -Live Singles #3-USA vs. Sweden
3 p.m. -Live Singles #4 -USA vs. Sweden
5 p.m. -Live Doubles -USA vs. Sweden
7p.m. -Singles #3- Italy vs. Czech Republic
9 p.m. -Singles #4 – Italy vs. Czech Republic
11 p.m. -Doubles – Italy vs. Czech Republic

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