All MLB Media is Local- Seattle Mariners

We head to the Pacific Northwest to check out the media covering the SEATTLE MARINERS

Newspaper-  Up until two years ago Seattle had two daily newspapers. The Seattle Times remains in print form.  Its sports section has a dedicated Mariners section.  Larry Stone and Geoff Baker (Twitter) lead the other writers in maintaining the paper’s Mariners Blog.  Columnists Jerry Brewer (Twitter) and Steve Kelly will also have thoughts on the team.

The Seattle Post-Intellegencer is no longer in print but does have a digital edition. The P-I’s sports section also has a dedicated Mariners section.  The company relies on Associated Press reports and blog posts to cover the Mariners. The fan-supported blogs include  U.S.S. Mariner Blog and Mariner Fan Blog.

Sports Radio-  The Mariners Radio Network is anchored by KIRO 710AM  ESPN.   Rick Rizzs and Aaron Goldsmith (Twitter)  have the call of the action.  Shannon Drayer (Twitter) serves as reporter while Matt Pittman hosts in the studio. Alex Rivera and Julio Cruz call the games on Spanish language KKMO. 710 ESPN and KJR satisfies the fans’ interest in discussing the team.

TelevisionRoot Sports Northwest has Mariner games on television. Dave Simms (Twitter) is joined by Mike Blowers in the booth.  Jen Mueller (Twitter) is the field reporter.  KCPQ, KIRO, KING, and KOMO cover the Mariners on the network TV-side of things.

Blogs- Lookout Landing, U.S.S. Mariner, Pro Ball NW and SoDo MoJo are some independent sites following the Mariners.

If we missed someone you follow, add them in the comments.

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