Sports Media Weekly No. 139- John Daly, The Daly Planet and Rennae Stubbs, Tennis Channel/ESPN

After missing last week it’s good to be back with another Sports Media Weekly program.

Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and I start the show talking about Ken’s news that he will be writing for the Awful Announcing site.  Congratulations Ken!

We then move into the news this weekend that ESPN has retained the rights to the Big East Conference, but at a much reduced price.

We begin our coverage of the Daytona 500 with Ken’s piece about how Fox may still be trying to find a comfortable role for Erin Andrews.

Our first guest is John Daly of The Daly Planet.  Ken talks with John about all things Daytona 500…including how Fox covered the event and how the Fox networks and ESPN responded to the horrific crash at the Nationwide Series race Saturday that injured at least 28 people.

We shift our talk to tennis and Rennae Stubbs, analyst for the Tennis Channel and ESPN, among others.  Rennae was a six-time Grand Slam doubles and mixed doubles champion and one of the most successful women tennis players from Australia. We talk to Rennae about making the transition from the court to the booth, working for many different networks covering the sport, and whether the networks should provide more coverage of doubles and mixed doubles matches.