Sports Media Weekly No. 136- Mike McCarthy, Sports Biz USA and James Andrew Miller, Author

It’s Super Bowl week and we delve into all the hype on this week’s Sports Media Weekly.

In our “Third Man In” segment Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and I are joined by Mike McCarthy, sports business and media reporter for his own Sports Biz USA as well as contributor to the NFL, Newsday, and Advertising Age.

We spend a good portion of our segment talking about the media coverage at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, including the madness around Media Day and what the media did, or did not cover during the week.  We also give our predictions on how the ratings may be for CBS this Sunday.

We then shift into our continuing discussion on the Manti Te’O story, specifically how some seemed to be equally interested in the story itself and how and/why ESPN did not get the story first.  It’s a fascinating discussion as to how ESPN is perceived in the realm of sports journalism.

The Te’O story dovetails well as we talk with our second guest, James Andrew Millier, author of Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN.  Miller co-authored a piece with Richard Sandomir of the New York Times looking at how ESPN handled the Te’O story.  He says ESPN had enough information to run the piece, but wanted an on-camera interview with Te’O before running the story.  Jim provides some compelling insight into how ESPN worked this story.

We also talk to Jim about the comings and goings of talent at ESPN; the appearance of Chris Berman on Dan Patrick’s radio show tomorrow; and the progress of the Those Guys Have All the Fun movie.