NBCSN Officially Announces “The Crossover”

We initially broke the news on a recent edition of Sports Media Weekly with guest Michelle Beadle.  NBC officially made the announcement today that Beadle will be joined by former Fox News Dave Briggs on  The Crossover: with Beadle and Briggs, a new 30-minute daily topical sports, entertainment and pop culture show that will air on the NBC Sports Network (NBCSN).

The program will premiere on Monday, January 28th at 6:00p.m. from New Orleans, the site of Super Bowl XLVII.

As part of the show, Beadle and Briggs will welcome guests from sports and entertainment to discuss the news of the day, the sports teams they love, the projects they are working on and more.

“We’re merely a show just looking to change the entire landscape of sports television in America,” said Beadle. “Also, someone finally needs to address this Tim Tebow guy.”

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt NBC was the gold standard in television, and it’s an honor to join the team together with the talented Michelle Beadle,” said Briggs. “Bringing together me, who’s been covering the bitter politics of D.C., with Beadle, who follows glamorous and scandalous Hollywood, can only produce one thing; a unique new show.”

“Michelle is one of the most talented and popular broadcasters in sports, and we wanted to design a show on NBC Sports Network that was uniquely suited for her. She developed an immediate chemistry with Dave Briggs, who has a sharp wit and a solid sports background,” said Sam Flood, executive producer, NBC Sports and NBC Sports Network. “Sports and entertainment intersect on a daily basis, and The Crossoverwill bring those worlds together on a daily basis on NBC Sports Network.”