Which Broadcaster Covered Your NFL Team the Most in 2012?

For the just-completed 2012 NFL season, we kept track of which television announcer covered which team each week.  We have the results of our research.  And the outcomes are predictable.

In looking at the NFL announcers for ESPN, CBS, Fox, NBC, and the NFL Network, the glamour teams of the league got the most coverage from the network’s top broadcasting teams. That is no surprise.

What was interesting to note was that of the networks with one game a week (NFL Network, ESPN, NBC), the NFL Network did have a repeat participant during its 13-game schedule.  Only New England, New York Jets, Houston, Washington, Dallas, and Detroit did not make an appearance on Thursday Night Football.

Before we give you the breakdown of the NFL teams and which announcer called their games the most, one note.  We will  pair the team with the play-by-play announcer who called that team’s games most frequently.  I would have liked to have listed the announcing team which covered the club the most, but there would have been some inconsistencies.  Fox, for instance, paired Thomm Brennaman with Troy Aikman while Joe Buck was calling post season baseball.  Sam Rosen worked with Brennaman’s usual partner, Brian Billick, those weeks.  So to keep things simple we only recorded the play-by-play announcer who covered the games.

Here is a list of NFL teams, broken down by conference, with the play-by-play announcer who called their games the most:


Baltimore- Greg Gumbel, CBS (4 games)
Buffalo- Marv Albert, CBS (4 games)
Cincinnati- Marv Albert, CBS (4 games)
Cleveland- Spero Dedes, CBS (4 games)
Denver- Jim Nantz, CBS (4 games)
Houston- Ian Eagle, CBS (4 games)
Indianapolis- Ian Eagle & Bill Macatee, CBS (3 games each)
Jacksonville- Kevin Harlan & Marv Albert, CBS (3 games each)
Kansas City- Kevin Harlan, CBS (3 games)
Miami- Marv Albert, CBS (3 games)
New England- Jim Nantz, CBS (6 games)
New York Jets- Marv Albert, CBS (5 games)
Oakland- Kevin Harlan & Bill Macatee, CBS (3 games each)
Pittsburgh- Jim Nantz, CBS (6 games)
San Diego- Kevin Harlan, CBS (3 games)
Tennessee- Ian Eagle (3 games)

It figures that the history of the Pats and Steelers would equal more face time from Jim Nantz.  It’s revealing that Marv Albert was able to be associated with so many teams, particularly those in the eastern part of the country.  Kevin Harlan being the favorite for the Chiefs makes sense as he is the former radio voice for the team and has familiarity with the Kansas City market.  Cleveland and Spero Dedes says something about both the team and pecking order of announcers at CBS.


Arizona- Dick Stockton & Chris Myers, Fox (3 games each)
Atlanta- Kenny Albert & Dick Stockton, Fox (3 games each)
Carolina- Ron Pitts, Fox (4 games)
Chicago- Kenny Albert, Fox (5 games)
Dallas- Al Michaels, NBC (4 games)
Detroit- Chris Myers, Fox (3 games)
Green Bay- Joe Buck, Fox (7 games)
Minnesota- Kenny Albert & Chris Myers, Fox (3 games each)
New Orleans- Joe Buck & Kenny Albert, Fox (3 games each)
New York Giants- Joe Buck & Thomm Brennaman, Fox (4 games each)
Philadelphia- Thom Brennaman, Fox (4 games)
St. Louis- Chris Myers, Fox (5 games)
San Francisco- Al Micheals, NBC, Joe Buck & Kenny Albert, Fox (3 games each)
Seattle- Chris Myers, Fox (7 games)
Tampa Bay- Dick Stockton, Fox (5 games)
Washington- Thomm Brennaman, Fox (3 games)

Again, no surprise that Green Bay received more attention from Joe Buck.  Kenny Albert spread himself around quite a bit while Chris Myers spent a lot of time covering teams from the NFC West.  Dallas and San Francisco each were shown a lot of love from NBC.

Here is a breakdown of the announcers for each network and the team (or teams) they covered the most this season:


Mike Tirico- Chicago (3 games)
Chris Berman- Oakland and San Diego (1 game each)


Al Michaels- Dallas (4 games)

NFL Network

Brad Nessler- 26 teams (one game each)


Jim Nantz- New England and Pittsburgh (6 games each)
Greg Gumbel- Baltimore (4 games)
Kevin Harlan- Cleveland, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Oakland, Kansas City, San Diego (3 games each)
Ian Eagle- Houston (4 games)
Marv Albert- New York Jets (5 games)
Spero Dedes- Cleveland (4 games)
Bill Macatee- Indianapolis & Oakland (3 games each)
Don Criqui- Buffalo, Miami, Tennessee & Jacksonville (1 game each)


Joe Buck- Green Bay (7 games)
Kenny Albert- Chicago (5 games)
Thomm Brennaman- New York Giants & Philadelphia (4 games each)
Dick Stockton- Tampa Bay (5 games)
Chris Myers- Seattle (7 games)
Ron Pitts- Carolina (4 games)
Sam Rosen- Washington (2 games)
Gus Johnson- Minnesota, Carolina, Atlanta, San Francisco, Arizona, St. Louis (1 game each)

The NFL Network gets the diversity award for not covering any team twice.  Harlan deserves credit for working a full schedule while spending so much time with six teams.