Thrice Jilted by the NFL

Those of you who follow SMJ know that I am not prone to being overly critical.  Most of what we do here is pass along information from the organizations that make-up the sports media industry.

Two years ago I thought I would try to secure a press credential for the Super Bowl.  My intent was to provide insight as to how the media covers America’s largest sporting event.  I wasn’t looking for a pass to the game, just access to the media center, radio row, and Tuesday’s media day.  My plan was to be back at home for kick-off.

My request was denied.

I tried again last year.  Once again I was denied.

After putting more effort into SMJ this year, I thought that perhaps my chances would be batter at securing a media credential for Super Bowl.  Wrong.  Three times denied by the NFL.

Each year I receive a standard rejection e-mail that includes the following:

Media accreditation decisions are based on several factors. Among the most important is the audience reached by the applying organization. Significant emphasis is also placed upon the amount of on-site coverage an organization provides an NFL club on a regular basis.

There is a large media contingent that cover NFL teams on-site each week throughout the season – games, practices and media availabilities – in addition to devoting significant resources throughout the year at other events, including the NFL Draft, training camps, and community appearances. Even for media that fall into this category, we are unable to accommodate all the requests we receive.

In addition, only organizations whose primary purpose is providing original editorial content qualify for consideration for media accreditation.

I respect the NFL’s decision not to grant me a media credential.  It has the right to regulate who attends these events.  I would hope the NFL measures each media request with the same level of scrutiny based on its criteria.  Unfortunately we all  know that’s not the case.

Audience trumps quality of coverage.  This has been proven year-in and year-out at the Super Bowl.  If “significant emphasis is also placed upon the amount of on-site coverage an organization provides an NFL club on a regular basis.”, would these guys have been granted credentials last year?:

4f2890f419e82.preview-620 2012-01-31T181715Z_01_IND38_RTRIDSP_3_NFL-SUPERBOWL Ross-Ventrone

I intend to apply for a credential next year when the Super Bowl comes the New York.   In the meantime I plan to spend a significant portion of my time following the NFL on Nick Toons.