Sports Media Weekly No. 120- Joe Flint, Los Angeles Times

The NFL dominates this week’s Sports Media Weekly program.

Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and I spend our entire news segment looking at the issue of the replacement officials in the NFL and the reaction across all segments of the media to their work.  We point to those outside the sports media talking about this story and how the “train wreck” that has been the replacement officials may actually benefit the NFL as some non-football fans may begin watching the games to see how the referees will mess up this week’s games.

Ken and I also bring up the news from late last week that the NFL Network has reached an agreement with Time Warner cable to include the network on its cable line-up.  It’s a deal that has been seven years in the making for Time Warner cable subscribers.

Our guest this week is Joe Flint, television and media reporter for the Los Angeles Times.  Joe is a regular on the paper’s Company Town blog on  Joe joins us to talk a little about the NFL officials flap, but also spends time taking about the deal Time Warner has the the Lakers to create a team-specific network for cable subscribers.  We also talk to Joe about the role the business of sports plays for the television networks, the recent Emmy Awards, and someone named Honey Boo Boo…