Sports Media Weekly No. 118

There is a lot on our plate on this week’s edition of Sports Media Weekly.

No guest this week, but Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and I start the show by talking about the opening week of the NFL and how, for the third year in a row, the total audience for the opening weekend topped 105 million viewers.  We pointed to ratings gains for Fox and NBC and losses for ESPN, which was saddled with a pair of less-than-compelling match-ups for its opening night double header.

We then shift the news that CBS will be delaying its primetime Sunday schedule when it airs the NFL double header, which begins this week.  All programming will be moved up 30 minutes to accommodate the new 4:25p.m. ET late game start.

We spend some time talking about Chris Berman’s contract extension with ESPN which, despite the critics, is probably still a good deal for both Berman and the WWL.

Ken and I explore the news that Notre Dame will be leaving the Big East for the ACC and the impact that will have on the rights holders for each conference and the prospects of the Big East’s new deal which has yet to be finalized.

We wrap-up the show by talking about the new deal Fox Sports has with the Oklahoma Sooners and  how a potential NHL lockout will impact NBC Sports and hockey fans across North America.