Sports Media Weekly No. 103- Ed Sherman, the Sherman Report & Michelle Beadle, Access Hollywood/NBC Sports

We have two fantastic guests joining Ken Fang and me on this week’s program.

The first is Ed Sherman, former sports media columnist for the Chicago Tribune who now has his own sports media blog,  The Sherman Report.  Ed joins Ken and I for the news portion of the show, which kicks off by looking at the move by Michelle Beadle from ESPN to Access Hollywood and NBC Sports.

We then move to the announcement last week of the extension of the contract between the ACC and ESPN and this week’s news that CBS will be sub-contracting some college basketball action from ESPN.

We finish the news segment by looking at TBS getting the rights to the Major League Baseball Wild Card games and the prospects of the MLB Network reaching a wide enough audience for its two Division Series playoff tilts.

Our second guest is the aformentioned Michelle Beadle.  Michelle goes through why she decided to move away from ESPN, the attention surrounding her move, and the roles she will play with Access Hollywood and NBC Sports.