Sports Media Weekly Podcast No. 79- Eric Deggans, St. Petersburg Times

Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and I are back for another edition of the Sports Media Weekly Podcast.

The top story remains the media coverage of the Penn State scandal.  Ken and I discuss the fine job done by Bob Costas in interviewing former Penn State Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky while taking CBS to task for promoting what proved to be a non-interview between Armen Ketayian and Sandusky accuser Mike McQueary.

Ken and I also praise ESPN for its coverage of last weekend’s Nebraska/Penn State game, the first in 46 years without former coach Joe Paterno on the sidelines.

We also touch upon the ratings for the first UFC on Fox match, the debut of Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock on the NFL Network, and the prospects of NBC Sports Network now that former HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg is on board to produce documentaries and Costas’ new program.

Our guest this week is Eric Deggans, media writer for the St. Petersburg Times as well as writer for the Indiana University National Sports Journalism Center. We spend most of our talk with Eric discussing the media coverage of the Penn State story, but also spend some time on his work for the paper and the university.

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