Despite Lackluster Match-Up NBC Wins Ratings Night with SNF

Last Sunday night’s match-up between the Cowboys and Eagles on NBC’s Sunday Night Football (SNF) earned a rating of 13.8 and an audience of 21.3 million viewers, once again winning the ratings night for the network.

The SNF rating was 29% higher than last year’s week eight game between the Steelers and Saints.  The audience number is 27% higher than a year ago.  Those numbers are impressive considering the Eagles dominated the Cowboys 34-7.

Through eight weeks, SNF is averaging 21.3 million viewers, just below the 21.5 million viewer average from 2010.

Here are the ratings from the top 10 local markets watching SNF: (Philadelphia not included)

1. Dallas, 30.5/45
2. Norfolk, 23.8/32
3. San Antonio, 23.7/33
4. Richmond, 24.3/34
5. Las Vegas, 21.0/33
6. Austin, 20.7/32
7. Washington, D.C., 19.8/31
8. Albuquerque, 19.6/29
9. Memphis, 18.5/24
10. New Orleans, 18.4/24

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