CBS Sports Network College Hoops Schedule

Yesterday we posted the college basketball schedule for CBS.  Today we have the line-up for CBS Sports Network.

The network will carry 113 games as it enters its ninth season of coverage.  The season starts on November 11th.  Here is the schedule:


Nov. 11 (Fri) All Military Classic 9:30 PM
Air Force vs. Army
All Military Classic 12:00 MIDNIGHT
Citadel vs. VMI

Nov. 14 (Mon) Nevada at UNLV 10:00 PM

Nov. 20 (Sun) Washington at Saint Louis 12:00 PM
Preseason WNIT Championship 2:00 PM
Site TBD

Nov. 22 (Tues) Cancun Challenge 7:00 PM
Rutgers vs. Illinois State
Cancun Challenge 9:30 PM
Illinois vs. Richmond

Nov. 23 (Wed) Cancun Challenge 7:00 PM
Cancun Challenge 9:30 PM

Nov. 26 (Sat) South Padre Island Classic 7:30 PM
Iowa State vs. Rice
South Padre Island Classic 10:00 PM
Northern Iowa vs. Providence

Nov. 29 (Tues) LSU at Houston 8:00 PM

Nov. 30 (Wed) Pittsburgh at Duquesne 7:00 PM

Dec. 3 (Sat) Georgia Tech at Tulane 2:00 PM
Arizona St. at Tulsa 4:00 PM

Dec. 6 (Tues) Texas Tech at TCU 7:00 PM

Dec. 11 (Sun) Texas A&M at TCU (Women’s) 3:00 PM

Dec. 17 (Sat) Villanova at Saint Joseph’s 8:00 PM

Dec. 23 (Fri) Cal at UNLV 5:00 PM

Dec. 29 (Thurs) Georgia Tech at Fordham 8:00 PM

Dec. 31 (Sat) Tulsa at TCU 7:00 PM

Jan. 3 (Tues) Syracuse at Rutgers (Women’s) 9:00 PML

Jan. 4 (Wed) UTEP at Marshall 8:00 PM

Jan. 5 (Thurs) Southern Miss at Tulsa (Women’s) 8:00 PM

Jan. 7 (Sat) Fordham at George Washington (Women’s) 5:00 PM
Richmond at Rhode Island 7:00 PM
Memphis at UAB 9:00 PM

Jan. 10 (Tues) Notre Dame at Georgetown (Women’s) 7:00 PM
Villanova at Marquette (Women’s) 9:00 PM

Jan. 11 (Wed) Duquesne at Xavier 7:00 PM
Temple at Saint Louis 9:00 PM

Jan. 14 (Sat) Army at Navy (Women’s) 12:00 PM
Army at Navy 2:30 PM
Colorado State at TCU (Women’s) 4:30 PM
Temple at Richmond 7:00 PM
Memphis at Houston 9:00 PM

Jan. 17 (Tues) Rutgers at St Johns (Women’s) 7:00 PM
Georgetown at Marquette (Women’s) 9:00 PM

Jan. 18 (Wed) Memphis at UCF 8:00 PM
SDSU at New Mexico 10:00 PM

Jan. 19 (Thurs) Lafayette at Holy Cross 7:00 PM

Jan. 21 (Sat) Saint Joseph’s at Xavier (Women’s) 1:00 PM
Wyoming at Colorado State (Women’s) 3:00 PM
UMASS at Richmond 5:00 PM
New Mexico at UNLV 10:00 PM

Jan. 22 (Sun) Rhode Island at Saint Louis (Women’s) 12:00 PM
Lehigh at Lafayette 2:00 PM

Jan. 24 (Tues) DePaul at Rutgers (Women’s) 7:00 PM

Jan. 25 (Wed) UCF at Tulsa 8:00 PM
Colorado State at New Mexico 10:00 PM

Jan. 26 (Thurs) Navy at Lehigh 7:00 PM

Jan. 28 (Sat) St. Bonaventure at La Salle (Women’s) 1:00 PM
Colorado State at San Diego State (Women’s) 3:00 PM
Colgate at Holy Cross 5:00 PM

Jan. 29 (Sun) Charlotte at Temple (Women’s) 2:00 PM

Jan. 31 (Tues) Notre Dame at Rutgers (Women’s) 7:00 PM
Louisville at DePaul (Women’s) 9:00 PM

Feb. 1 (Wed) Memphis at Southern Miss 8:00 PM
Boise State at San Diego State 10:00 PM

Feb. 2 (Thurs) Tulane at ECU (Women’s)

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