All NFL Media is Local- Houston Texans

Today we look at the local media that covers the Houston Texans

Newspaper- In Houston the Houston Chronicle is he city’s dominant daily newspaper. The online sports section includes a special page dedicated to the Texans.  Beat writer John McClain (Twitter) and Tania Ganguli (Twitter) are on the Texans beat  Columnists Jerome Solomon (Twitter) and Randy Harvey (Twitter) will also write on the Texans.  The paper also has a mechanism by which fans also blog on the team.  Great feature.

Sports Radio-  The Houston Texans Radio Network is anchored by sports radio KILT-AM and KILT-FMMarc Vandermeer (Twitter) serves on play-by-play with former Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware providing commentary.  Along with KILT you can talk Texans on KBME, KNFC,  and KGOW.

Television-  TV coverage of the Texans can be found on KHOUKPRCKRIV, and KTRK.  Fox Sports Houston also covers the Texans.

Blogs-  Check out Battle Red BlogToro Times, Texans Gab, Texans Bull Blog, and the team’s own blog for some independent thoughts of the team.

We know you may read these or other resources on the Texans.  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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