ESPN Announces Carriage Deals and Another Texas Football Tilt for Longhorn Network

ESPN announced today that it has reached an agreement with Grande Communications to carry the Longhorn Network on its cable television systems.  This is important because Grande serves the city of Austin, home to the University of Texas.  The cable company will have the carriage of the channel in place before tomorrow night’s Texas football debut as it hosts Rice.

“As a Texas based company, Grande understands the passion our customers have for Texas sports,” said Matt Murphy, President, Grande Communications in a press release. “We are pleased and very excited to make Longhorn Network available as part of our cable television offerings.”

Added David Preschlack, executive vice president, Disney and ESPN Media Networks, “Grande customers across the state of Texas will have access to more Longhorn content than ever before.”

ESPN also announced that the Longhorn Network will be providing the coverage of UT’s October 29th match-up at home against the University of Kansas.

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