The NFL is Back…So Are Big Ratings

Last night’s NFL pre-season match-up featuring the San Diego Chargers at Dallas Cowboys registered a 7.1 overnight rating for NBC, winning the night for the network and garnering the highest rating for any national pre-season game so far this season.

The 7.1 rating was slightly below the 7.2 rating of last year’s NBC pre-season match-up between the Vikings and 49ers.

Here are the top ten metered markets and their respective ratings:

1. Dallas, 23.7/38
2. San Diego, 22.2/37
3. San Antonio, 15.1/23
4. Austin, 14.7/25
5. Houston, 12.5/20
6. Oklahoma City, 11.7/17
7. Albuquerque, 10.4/17
8. Richmond, 10.3/15
9. Norfolk, 10.2/15
10. Nashville, 10.0/14

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