All NFL Media is Local- San Francisco 49ers

Let’s head to Northern California to check out the local media covering the San Francisco 49ers

Newspaper- The dominant daily in the city is the San Francisco Chronicle.   Its online sports page (and the rest of the paper online) is part of SF  The sports section has a page dedicated to the 49ers. Beat writers Kevin Lynch (Twiiter) and Eric Branch (Twitter) also maintain the Niner Insider blog.  With columnists like Scott Ostler (Twitter) you can expect plenty to be written about the Niners.

Sports Radio- KNBR and KSAN serve as the flagships to the 49er Radio Network.  Ted Robinson (Twitter) handles play-by-play with Eric Davis (Twitter) adding commentary.  KNBR and KGMZ are two outlets for sports radio talk on the 49ers.

Television- KGOKNTVKPIXKTVU are the major television outlets in San Francisco.  Comcast SportsNet Bay Area also covers the team.

Blogs-  Check out Niners Nation49ers Gab, Niners Noise, and the team’s own Goal Posts Blog for some independent Niner talk.

Read others we missed?  Please add them to our comments section.

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