All NFL Media is Local- San Diego Chargers

Southern California is our next stop as we look at the local media covering their NFL teams. Time to examine the group following the San Diego Chargers

Newspaper- The San Diego Union Tribune is the paper of record in the city. The online version of the paper is affiliated with Sign On Sand Diego. The broadsheet’s online sports section includes a page dedicated to the Bolts. beat writers Kevin Acee (Twitter) and Michael Gehlken (Twitter) contribute to the paper’s Bolt Bulletin Blog. Columnist  Nick Canepa (Twitter) will also chime in on the Chargers.

Sports Radio- KIOZ Radio serves as the flagship in the Chargers Radio Network. Josh Levin (Twitter) delivers play-by-play with Hank Bauer offering commentary. Sports radio XEPRS, KLSD, and ESPN San Diego give Charges fans a place to talk about the team.

Television- The television outlets covering the team include KFMBKGTVKNSDKSWB

Blogs- Among the independent blogs following the team are Bolt Talk,  Bolt Hype, Bolts from the Blue, Bolt BeatChargers Gab and the team’s own Chargers Blog.

Let us know what you think of these resources and add others we missed in the comments section.

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