All NFL Media is Local- Atlanta Falcons

Down south we go to take a look at the media that covers the Atlanta Falcons on a day-to-day basis…

Newspaper-  The Atlanta Journal Constitution serves the greater metro Atlanta area.  Its online sports section appears to be laid out well.  It includes a special page of content on the Falcons.  Beat reporter D. Orlando Ledbetter (Twitter) has his own blog.  Columnists Mark Bradley (Twitter) and Jeff Shultz (Twitter) will have also have content on the Falcons.

Sports Radio- Sports Radio 790 The Zone serves as the flagship station for the Falcons Radio NetworkWes Durham and Dave Archer  (Durham Twitter) (Archer Twitter) provide the play-by-play and commentary for each game.  Along with The Zone Falcons talk can be heard on WCNN.

Television- Check out television coverage of the Falcons on WAGAWSB, and WXIA.  Fox Sports South also

Blogs- Some of the independent Falcons blogs include The FalcoholicFalcons Wire, and Falcons Gab.

Please use the comments section to discuss the Falcons coverage or add other sites you like to visit.

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