All NFL Media is Local- Indianapolis Colts

Our next entry looking at the local sports media covering NFL teams takes us to Indianapolis and the Colts

Newspaper- The newspaper of record in Indy is the Indianapolis Star. The online version of the paper has a fairly comprehensive sports section (Twitter), including a dedicated page for the Colts. Beat writers Phillip B. Wilson (Twitter) and Mike Chappell (Twitter) have their own blogs that focuses on the team. Columnist Bob Kravitz (Twitter) also touches upon the Colts from time to time.

Sports Radio- The Colts have an extensive radio network, with WFNI and WLHK serving as the flagship stations.  Bob Lamey handles play-by-play with Will Wofford as the analyst.  WFNI,  WNDE, and WXLW give fans sports radio options to talk about the team.

Television-  Television stations covering the Colts include WISHWRTVWTHR and WXIN.

Blogs-  The Colts have no shortage of independent blogs commenting on the team.  Some of them include Stampede BlueNap Towns Finest, Colts Authority, and Colts Gab.

What did we miss?  Include those sites in the comments please.

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