Parcells, Rice Join ESPN

ESPN has added two more heavyweights into its stable of NFL analysts.  Pro Bowl receiver a Jerry Rice and Super Bowl winning coach Bill Parcells are now members of the network.

Parcells, who was with the network in 2002 and 2007, returns to be part of the crew on Sunday NFL Countdown.  He will make his debut next Monday as part of ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown leading up the the preseason match between the New York Jets and Houston Texans.  Parcells will also contribute to SportsCenter Special shows, Super Bowl Confidential and Draft Confidential, similar to the 90-minute Bill Parcells Draft Confidential from earlier this year.

Rice will make his debut September 15th on Audibles, the pro football-themed discussion show that is a part of ESPN’s weekly Thursday night fall lineup.  Rice will also make appearances on NFL Live and SportsCenter.

“Bill Parcells and Jerry Rice are two of the NFL’s all-time greats and have five Super Bowl rings between them,” said Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president, production in a press release. “They are among the most respected names in the game, and we’re thrilled fans will have the opportunity to hear their insights as part of ESPN’s comprehensive NFL coverage.”
Parcells added: “Over my years in football, I’ve had the good fortune of building terrific relationships with some of the folks at ESPN. Some of them are familiar faces to the viewers and some are smart and talented people behind the scenes. I look forward to working with many of those same people again and sharing my opinions and perspective with viewers throughout the NFL season.”
Rice added: “I am excited to begin this new chapter of my life working for ESPN as an NFL analyst. Throughout my career, I recognized ESPN was the best place to go for NFL information and analysis and I am honored to join their great team. For my part, I am going to work as hard as humanly possible to bring viewers the best insights and opinions on issues around the league.”

Jerry Rice photo courtesy of Marcy Maloy Photography
Bill Parcells Photo Courtesy the Bleacher Report 

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