East Coast Bias? No. Business Bias. Sox/Yanks Bring Big Numbers for ESPN

Much is made about how ESPN selects it’s games for Sunday Night Baseball, with many lamenting that ESPN tends to select teams from big markets in the east.  But you can’t argue that these teams bring big ratings numbers to the network.

Sunday night’s Yankees/Red Sox match-up earned ESPN a 3.5 rating, the highest MLB rating for the network since 2007.  By the way, the 2007 rating of 4.2 was also for a Red Sox/Yankees game.

Overall for the season ESPN’s ratings for Sunday Night Baseball are up 9% over 2010.

I often don’t like all the match-ups put forth by ESPN.  But I realize these games are not set for the fans.  They are set to maximize revenue for the network.  Don’t expect this to change.

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