Big Ten Network Previews College Football Season With Campus Tours

The Big Ten Network will be previewing the 2011 College Football season by visiting each of the conference’s campuses as part of its “Big Ten Preview Tour.”

Dave Revsine, Gerry DiNardo, and Howard Griffith will host a 30 minute program from the campus of each conference school.

“Our preview shows are a great way to give fans an early glimpse of their favorite teams and rivals and see how the divisions might shape up,” BTN President Mark Silverman said in a press release. “We’re excited to add a new stop in Lincoln this year.”

Here is the schedule of bus stops and when the school previews will air on the network:

 Football Tour Stops Football Previews (TV shows air at 8 PM ET)
Aug. 8: Wisconsin Aug. 15: Ohio State Aug. 14: Wisconsin Aug. 20: Ohio State
Aug. 9: Minnesota Aug. 16: Penn State Aug. 15: Minnesota Aug 21: Penn State
Aug. 11: Nebraska Aug. 18: Michigan Aug. 16: Nebraska Aug. 22: Michigan
Aug. 12: Iowa Aug. 19: Michigan State Aug. 17: Iowa Aug. 23:: Michigan State
Aug. 13: Illinois Aug. 21: Purdue Aug. 18: Illinois Aug. 24: Purdue
Aug. 14: Indiana Aug. 22: Northwestern Aug. 19: Indiana Aug. 25: Northwestern



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