NBC Sees Small Bump in Preakness Viewership

NBC has released its ratings for last Saturday’s Preakness Stakes, and the numbers are up over 2010.

The race earned NBC a 5.6 rating and an average of 8.8 million viewers, up six and five percent respectively over last year.

The total viewers for the race have been relatively flat, with a few exceptions, since NBC began airing the race in 2001.  Here are the numbers.

PREAKNESS ON NBC (2001-2011)

Year Viewers

2011 8.8 million
2010 8.4 million
2009 10.9 million
2008 7.9 million
2007 8.4 million
2006 10.1 million
2005 9.3 million
2004 11.6 million
2003 8.6 million
2002 9.2 million
2001 8.7 million

NBC is getting prepared to telecast the final leg of horse racing’s Triple Corwn, the Belmont Stakes, coming up on Lune 11th.


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